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Radar Energy Warfare and the Challenges of Stealth Technology


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About this book


This book provides a solid foundation for understanding radar energy warfare and stealth technology. The book covers the fundamentals of radar before moving on to more advanced topics, including electronic counter and electronic counter-counter measures, radar absorbing materials, radar cross section, and the science of stealth technology. A final section provides an introduction to Luneberg lens reflectors. The book will provide scientists, engineers, and students with valuable guidance on the fundamentals needed to understand state-of-the-art radar energy warfare and stealth technology research and applications.

  • Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of radar;
  • Examines the technical challenges of stealth technology; 
  • Describes current fifth generation warplanes and the coming sixth generation.


Radar Radar Absorbent Material Radar Cross Section Electronic Counter Measures Electronic Counter-Counter Measure Stealth Technology Repetition Frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar Signals Intelligence Electronic Warfare Luneberg Electronic Defense

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  1. 1.Electrical EngineeringUniversity of New MexicoAlbuquerqueUSA

About the authors

Dr. Bahman Zohuri is currently an Associate Research Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of New Mexico, and founder of Galaxy Advanced Engineering, Inc. (GEI). Dr. Zohuri started GEI after many years in the semiconductor and defense industries as a Senior Process Engineer for corporations including Westinghouse and Intel, and then as Senior Chief Scientist at Lockheed Missile and Aerospace Corporation. While at Lockheed, he was responsible for the study of vulnerability, survivability, and component radiation and laser hardening for Defense Support Program (DSP), Boost Surveillance and Tracking Satellites (BSTS), and Space Surveillance and Tracking Satellites (SSTS). He also performed analysis of characteristics of laser beam and nuclear radiation interaction with materials, Transient Radiation Effects in Electronics (TREE), Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), System Generated Electromagnetic Pulse (SGEMP), Single-Event Upset (SEU), Blast and, Thermo-mechanical, hardness assurance, maintenance, and device technology. His consultancy clients have included Sandia National Laboratories, and he holds patents in areas such as the design of diffusion furnaces, and Laser Activated Radioactive Decay. Dr. Zohuri earned his Doctorate in Nuclear Engineering from the University of New Mexico. He is the author of several books on nuclear energy and directed energy weapons.

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