Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Development (AI2SD’2019)

Volume 4 - Advanced Intelligent Systems for Applied Computing Sciences

  • Mostafa Ezziyyani
Conference proceedings AI2SD 2019

Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1105)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. El Mehdi Benyoussef, Abdeltif Elbyed, Hind El Hadiri
    Pages 12-20
  3. Salima Lamsiyah, Abdelkader El Mahdaouy, Said Ouatik El Alaoui, Bernard Espinasse
    Pages 75-88
  4. Jabrane Kachaoui, Abdessamad Belangour
    Pages 89-97
  5. Fatima Zohra Ennaji, Abdelaziz El Fazziki, Hasna El Alaoui El Abdallaoui, Mohamed Sadgal
    Pages 107-117
  6. Mohammed El Fouki, Noura Aknin, Kamal Eddine El Kadiri
    Pages 118-122
  7. Soumaya Ounacer, Houda Jihal, Soufiane Ardchir, Mohamed Azzouazi
    Pages 132-140
  8. Wajih Rhalem, Jamel El Mhamdi, Mourad Raji, Ahmed Hammouch, Abd-Errahim Maazouzi, Sanae Raoui et al.
    Pages 141-148
  9. Rhaydae Jebli, Jaber Elbouhdidi, Mohamed Yassin Chkouri
    Pages 149-156
  10. Moustafa Sadek Kahil, Abdelkrim Bouramoul, Makhlouf Derdour
    Pages 157-167
  11. Khaoula Addakiri, Hajar Khallouki, Mohamed Bahaj
    Pages 168-175
  12. Toufik Datsi, Ahmed El Oirrak, Khalid Aznag
    Pages 176-183
  13. Ibtissame Kandrouch, Zahra Oughannou, Nabil Hmina, Habiba Chaoui
    Pages 184-193
  14. Wahida Handouzi, Ahmed Ziane
    Pages 202-209
  15. Abdelhamid El Wahabi, Ibrahim Hadj Baraka, Salaheddine Hamdoune, Karim El Mokhtari
    Pages 210-223
  16. Anass Hossam, Abdelhamid Bouzidi, Mohammed Essaid Riffi
    Pages 224-232
  17. Alami Hamza, Noureddine En-Nahnahi, Mostafa Ezziyyani, Said El Alaoui Ouatik
    Pages 233-242
  18. Naaima Boudad, Soumia Ezzahid, Rdouan Faizi, Rachid Oulad Haj Thami
    Pages 243-253
  19. Mohammed Rida Ech-Charrat, Israe Ezznati, Mostafa Ezziyyani, Loubna Cherrat, Tarik Zouadi
    Pages 254-263
  20. Sara Baghdadi, Noureddine Aboutabit
    Pages 264-272
  21. El Mehdi Achrak, Mohamed Yassin Chkouri
    Pages 287-297
  22. Abdelhakim El Boustani, Mohamed Aatila, Essaid El Bachari, Ahmed El Oirrak
    Pages 308-320
  23. Degachi Haifa, Yengui Ameni, Neji Mahmoud
    Pages 321-330
  24. Mohamed Y. Omar, Alaa R. Mostafa, Heba A. Amin, Safia M. Darwesh
    Pages 331-341
  25. Soumaya El Mamoune, Maroi Tsouli Fathi, Wiam El Mamoune, Mostafa Ezziyyani
    Pages 342-351
  26. El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui, Stéphane Cédric Koumetio Tekouabou, Walid Cherif, Hassan Silkan
    Pages 352-362
  27. Abderrahmane Ben Kacem, Youness Frichi, Oualid Kamach, Samir Chafik, Fouad Jawab
    Pages 371-382
  28. Khadija Alaoui, Mohamed Bahaj
    Pages 411-421
  29. Mohammed Yasine Doukali Fenni, Mostafa Ezziyyani
    Pages 431-438
  30. Y. En-nattouh, J. Riffi, A. Yahyaouy, H. Tairi
    Pages 439-446
  31. Sana Nabil, Jaber Elbouhdidi, Mohamed Yassin Chkouri
    Pages 447-455
  32. Zineb Korachi, Bouchaib Bounabat
    Pages 456-470
  33. Douaae Khellaf, Hana Kenatef, Ouassila Hioual
    Pages 483-495

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About these proceedings


This book gathers papers presented at the second installment of the International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Development (AI2SD-2019), which was held on July 08–11, 2019 in Marrakech, Morocco. It offers comprehensive coverage of recent advances in big data, data analytics and related paradigms. The book consists of fifty-two chapters, each of which shares the latest research in the fields of big data and data science, and describes use cases and applications of big data technologies in various domains, such as social networks and health care.

All parts of the book discuss open research problems and potential opportunities that have arisen from the rapid advances in big data technologies. In addition, the book surveys the state of the art in data science, and provides practical guidance on big data analytics and data science. Expert perspectives are provided by authoritative researchers and practitioners from around the world, who discuss research developments and emerging trends, present case studies on helpful frameworks and innovative methodologies, and suggest best practices for efficient and effective data analytics.

Chiefly intended for researchers, IT professionals and graduate students, the book represents a timely contribution to the growing field of big data, which has been recognized as one of the leading emerging technologies that will have a major impact on various fields of science and various aspects of human society over the next several decades. Therefore, the content in this book is an essential tool to help readers understand current developments, and provides them with an extensive overview of the field of big data analytics as it is practiced today. The chapters cover technical aspects of key areas that generate and use big data, such as management and finance, medicine and health care, networks, the Internet of Things, big data standards, benchmarking of systems, and others.

In addition to a diverse range of applications, key algorithmic approaches such as graph partitioning, clustering and finite mixture modeling of high-dimensional data are also covered. The varied collection of topics addressed introduces readers to the richness of the emerging field of big data analytics. 


Big Data Data Mining Computational Web Data Analytics Networking Optimization Multimedia Modelling AI2SD2019 AI2SD

Editors and affiliations

  • Mostafa Ezziyyani
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of TangierAbdelmalek Essaâdi UniversityTangierMorocco

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