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Proceedings of the 2018 International Symposium on Experimental Robotics

  • Jing Xiao
  • Torsten Kröger
  • Oussama Khatib
  • Presents top-class research on experimental robotics

  • Provides the edited outcome of the International Symposium on Experimental Robotics ISER 2018, which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 5–8, 2018

  • Includes contributions by leading researchers and pioneers from academia, government, and industry that address the state of the art in experimental robotics

Conference proceedings ISER 2018

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Advanced Robotics book series (SPAR, volume 11)

Table of contents

  1. Robot Learning II

    1. Adithyavairavan Murali, Yin Li, Dhiraj Gandhi, Abhinav Gupta
      Pages 375-386
    2. Munzir Zafar, Areeb Mehmood, Mouhyemen Khan, Shimin Zhang, Muhammad Murtaza, Victor Aladele et al.
      Pages 387-397
    3. Li Yang Ku, Scott Jordan, Julia Badger, Erik Learned-Miller, Rod Grupen
      Pages 398-410
    4. David Surovik, Jonathan Bruce, Kun Wang, Massimo Vespignani, Kostas Bekris
      Pages 411-421
  2. Contacts and Manipulation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 423-424
    2. Berk Calli, Andrew Kimmel, Kaiyu Hang, Kostas Bekris, Aaron Dollar
      Pages 437-447
    3. Jacob Arkin, Rohan Paul, Daehyung Park, Subhro Roy, Nicholas Roy, Thomas M. Howard
      Pages 448-460
    4. Hosang Lee, Yisoo Lee, Jaeheung Park
      Pages 475-484
    5. Gavin Kenneally, Wei-Hsi Chen, Daniel E. Koditschek
      Pages 485-495
  3. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles III

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 497-498
    2. Julian F. M. Foerster, Mohamed K. Helwa, Xintong Du, Angela P. Schoellig
      Pages 499-510
    3. Ajay Shankar, Sebastian Elbaum, Carrick Detweiler
      Pages 511-523
    4. Alex Spitzer, Xuning Yang, John Yao, Aditya Dhawale, Kshitij Goel, Mosam Dabhi et al.
      Pages 524-535
  4. Human-Robot Interaction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 559-560
    2. Karen Leung, Edward Schmerling, Mo Chen, John Talbot, J. Christian Gerdes, Marco Pavone
      Pages 561-574
    3. Lucas Joseph, Vincent Padois, Guillaume Morel
      Pages 575-583

About these proceedings


In addition to the contributions presented at the 2018 International Symposium on Experimental Robotics (ISER 2018), this book features summaries of the discussions that were held during the event in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These summaries, authored by leading researchers and session organizers, offer important insights on the issues that drove the symposium debates.

Readers will find cutting-edge experimental research results from a range of robotics domains, such as medical robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile robot navigation, mapping and localization, field robotics, robot learning, robotic manipulation, human–robot interaction, and design and prototyping. In this unique collection of the latest experimental robotics work, the common thread is the experimental testing and validation of new ideas and methodologies.

The International Symposium on Experimental Robotics is a series of bi-annual symposia sponsored by the International Foundation of Robotics Research, whose goal is to provide a dedicated forum for experimental robotics research. In recent years, robotics has broadened its scientific scope, deepened its methodologies and expanded its applications. However, the significance of experiments remains at the heart of the discipline. The ISER gatherings are an essential venue where scientists can meet and have in-depth discussions on robotics based on this central tenet.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Jing Xiao
    • 1
  • Torsten Kröger
    • 2
  • Oussama Khatib
    • 3
  1. 1.Robotics EngineeringWorcester Polytechnic InstituteWorcesterUSA
  2. 2.Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyKarlsruheGermany
  3. 3.Department of Computer ScienceStanford UniversityStanfordUSA

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