Integrated Maintenance and Energy Management in the Chemical Industries

  • Kiran R. Golwalkar

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About this book


This book provides guidelines to ensure a safe and smooth running chemical production plant. It presents in detail such important considerations as selection of proper technology with efficient machinery (for a new plant) or expansion / diversification of existing plants for manufacture of more products for safe and pollution-free operation.This book also provides guidelines for improved plant layout, and selection of raw materials to reduce pre-processing costs prior to feeding to process units. The book further examines procuring better inputs (such as catalysts, filter cloths, tower internals etc) required for smooth plant operation and better product quality for client satisfaction, enhanced process control through suitable instrumentation, and preventive maintenance.Typical conflicts arising in production units due to different priorities among sales departments, purchasing departments, production engineers, and maintenance engineers are addressed. The book also suggests methods to reduce the loss of energy during start up and shutdowns, increase equipment life, and prevent environmental pollution.Case studies are included in appropriate chapters.

  • Maximizes reader understanding of procuring better materials and spares as inputs for smooth plant operation and better product quality 
  • Illustrates preventive maintenance practices through condition-monitoring of process units and machinery for safe and smooth production runs
  • Discusses best practices for reducing energy consumption, improving energy recovery, safe disposal of dangerous wastes, and reducing the cost of operations


Integrated management for energy efficient chemical plants Reducing malfunctioning of process units Increasing life of process units Reducing breakdowns in chemical plants machinery Waste Heat Recovery systems, Co-generation, and Tri-generation Energy saving with unsteady steam supply Efficient Cooling and Refrigeration Energy efficient disposal of hazardous wastes Waste water treatment and Air Pollution Control

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