Heidegger and Future Presencing (The Black Pages)

  • Spencer Golub

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About this book


“Golub’s novel interpretative approach introduces philosophical thinking to the fields of literature, film, and the performative arts, and by that deepens and enriches the theoretical discussion taking place within these fields.”
Dror Pimentel, Senior Lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, Israel

This book applies Heidegger’s writings to experimental fictions and film genres in order to study a being-there that performs itself beyond liveness and a future that is already here. Theatrical mise-en-scène is analyzed as a way of modeling the Heideggerian ontological-existential, exchanging a deeper presencing for the fictional “now” of liveness. The book is organized around ostensible objects that are in fact things-as-such and performs its theme via time-traveling, interruptions, decompositions, incompleteness, failure, geometric patterning, and above all black pages first cited in Tristram Shandy. This is a nuanced, original work that combines unexpected sources with even more unexpected writing, imagery, and correspondences. It is part of Golub’s ongoing project of lyrically reimagining philosophy and the mise-en-scène of theatrical performance (a presence-room of consciousness) in light of one another.


Being and Time Laurence Sterne Tristam Shandy Jacques Roubaud Alain Robbe-Grillet Gertrude Stein Harry Matthews David Markson Gerald Mernane Coen Brothers Christopher Nolan Godard Rivette Kurosawa Cassavetes

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