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Ecology and Conservation of Tropical Ungulates in Latin America

  • Sonia Gallina-Tessaro

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. General Topics of Tropical Ungulate Communities

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Sonia Gallina-Tessaro
      Pages 3-10
    3. Patricia Galina-Tessaro, Gustavo Arnaud, Aurora Breceda Solis-Cámara, Sergio Álvarez-Cárdenas
      Pages 11-41
    4. Sonia Gallina-Tessaro, Gerardo Sánchez-Rojas, Dante Hernández-Silva, Luz A. Pérez-Solano, Luis García-Feria, Juan Pablo Esparza-Carlos
      Pages 43-70
    5. Salvador Mandujano, Odalis Morteo-Montiel, Carlos Yáñez-Arenas, Michelle Ramos-Robles, Ariana Barrera-Salazar, Eva López-Tello et al.
      Pages 71-88
    6. Rafael Reyna-Hurtado, Khiavett Sanchez-Pinzón
      Pages 89-104
    7. Marco A. Ramírez-Vargas, Lilliana M. Piedra-Castro
      Pages 117-136
    8. Fausto Antonio Elvir Valle, Héctor Orlando Portillo Reyes
      Pages 137-156
    9. Olga L. Montenegro, Hugo F. López-Arévalo, Catherine Mora-Beltrán, Diego J. Lizcano, Hernán Serrano, Elizabeth Mesa et al.
      Pages 157-195
    10. Alejandra Soto-Werschitz, Paolo Ramoni-Perazzi, Guillermo Bianchi-Pérez
      Pages 197-215
    11. Diego G. Tirira, Carlos A. Urgilés-Verdugo, Andrés Tapia, Carlos A. Cajas-Bermeo, Xiomara Izurieta V., Galo Zapata-Ríos
      Pages 217-271
    12. Natalia Mannise, Federica Moreno, Susana González
      Pages 273-289
    13. Patricia Black-Decima, Micaela Camino, Sebastian Cirignoli, Soledad de Bustos, Silvia D. Matteucci, Lorena Perez Carusi et al.
      Pages 291-344
  3. Specific Topics of Tropical Ungulated Species

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 345-345
    2. Sonia Gallina-Tessaro, Luz A. Pérez-Solano, Luis García-Feria, Gerardo Sánchez-Rojas, Dante Hernández-Silva, Juan Pablo Esparza-Carlos
      Pages 347-369
    3. Sonia Gallina-Tessaro, Eva López-Tello, Salvador Mandujano
      Pages 371-393
    4. Sonia Gallina-Tessaro, Luz A. Pérez-Solano, Rafael Reyna-Hurtado, Luis Arturo Escobedo-Morales
      Pages 395-414
    5. Salvador Mandujano, Rafael Reyna-Hurtado
      Pages 415-438
    6. Eduardo J. Naranjo
      Pages 439-451
  4. Salvador Mandujano, Odalis Morteo-Montiel, Carlos Yáñez-Arenas, Michelle Ramos-Robles, Ariana Barrera-Salazar, Eva López-Tello et al.
    Pages C1-C1
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 453-465

About this book


This book brings together the latest information on tropical ungulates in different Latin American countries. These animals are not only important from the point of view of their role in different ecosystems, but also have cultural value for people. The book also discusses topics such as habitat transformation and hunting as these species are an important source of food in many places. Addressing ungulate natural communities in diverse ecosystems and countries, the book provides information on specific aspects of each of the most representative species, and highlights topics to help readers better understand these species and develop effective management and conservation strategies. The information presented also reveals the need for more knowledge and will hopefully provide the incentive for continued studies on this important group of animals. This publication serves as a reference for academic research on ungulate ecology, behavior and dynamics, as well as the basis for conservation strategies.


Ungulate conservation Ecological role of ungulates Habitat use and fragmentation Ecological Interactions Social Animals

Editors and affiliations

  1. 1.Red de Biología y Conservación de VertebradosInstituto de Ecología, A.C.XalapaMexico

About the editors

Sonia Gallina Tessaro was awarded her Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctorate by the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She is a tenured researcher, listed on the National System of Researchers (SNI II). She is a pioneer in the long-term eco-ethological studies of deer in areas such as population dynamics, habitat use, feeding behavior, activity patterns and conservation strategies in a variety of protected areas in Mexico. She set up and coordinated the Master of Science degree program in Wildlife Management at the Instituto de Ecología, A.C. She has served as president of the Mexican Mammalogy Association (AMMAC) and is currently the coordinator of the North American Region for the IUCN-SSC-Deer Specialist Group and is a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences.  She is on the editorial boards of Acta Zoológica Mexicana (n.s.) and Acta Biológica Colombiana. She has published 73 scientific articles, 69 book chapters and 44 articles for magazines and newspapers, and has co-edited 9 books and co-authored one.

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