Brain Glycogen Metabolism

  • Mauro DiNuzzo
  • Arne Schousboe

Part of the Advances in Neurobiology book series (NEUROBIOL, volume 23)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Bartholomew A. Pederson
    Pages 83-123
  3. Cécile Mathieu, Jean-Marie Dupret, Fernando Rodrigues-Lima
    Pages 125-145
  4. Long Wu, Nicholas J. M. Butler, Raymond A. Swanson
    Pages 169-185
  5. Angus M. Brown, Laura R. Rich, Bruce R. Ransom
    Pages 187-207
  6. Mauro DiNuzzo, Anne B. Walls, Gülin Öz, Elizabeth R. Seaquist, Helle S. Waagepetersen, Lasse K. Bak et al.
    Pages 269-309
  7. Jordi Duran, Agnès Gruart, Juan Carlos López-Ramos, José M. Delgado-García, Joan J. Guinovart
    Pages 311-329
  8. Takashi Matsui, Mariko Soya, Hideaki Soya
    Pages 331-346
  9. Chinthasagar Bastian, John Quinn, Christine Doherty, Caroline Franke, Anna Faris, Sylvain Brunet et al.
    Pages 347-361
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 435-443

About this book


This book aims to provide a state-of-the-art summary of what is currently known about brain glycogen metabolism, detailing the recent advances in our understanding of why glycogen is so critical for normal brain function. The role of glycogen in cellular neurophysiology remains largely unclear and its specific contribution to the energy demand of brain cells is still elusive.Glycogen is the sole cerebral glucose reserve and is emerging as a fundamental component of brain energy metabolism. Pharmacological or genetic manipulation of glycogen metabolism in the brain impairs memory formation and increases susceptibility to epileptic seizures and cortical spreading depression. Glycogen is also directly implicated in abnormal neuronal excitability and mental retardation that characterize brain disorders like Lafora disease and Pompe disease.  


glycogen synthase phosphorylase ion and transmitter homeostasis learning and memory sleep-wake cycle glycogen dysfunction

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  • Arne Schousboe
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