Historians on Leadership and Strategy

Case Studies From Antiquity to Modernity

  • Martin Gutmann

Table of contents

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    Pages i-xvi
  2. The Postwar Period

  3. The Second World War

  4. The Age of the Industrial Revolution

  5. The Pre-modern Period

About this book


This book examines the well-covered subject of leadership from a unique perspective: history's vast catalogue of leadership successes and failures. Through a collection of highly compelling case studies spanning two millennia, it looks beyond the classic leadership parable of men in military or political crises and shows that successful leadership cannot be reduced to simplistic formulae. 

Written by experts in the field and based on rigorous research, each case provides a rich and compelling account that is accessible to a wide audience, from students to managers. Rather than serving as a vehicle for advancing a particular theory of leadership, each case invites readers to reflect, debate and extract their own insights.


A historical perspective on leadership Misconceptions of leadership Leadership examples from history Mistakes of leadership Leadership and institutional transformation Leadership in VUCA Creighton Abrams’s service in World War II Churchill and the Transatlantic Alliance Artillery leadership at Gettysburg Challenges of the Peloponnesian War Leadership of Romeo Dallaire in Rwanda Historical case studies on leadership Non-traditional leadership examples Women in leadership roles

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