Health and Safety Aspects of Food Processing Technologies

  • Abdul Malik
  • Zerrin Erginkaya
  • Hüseyin Erten

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Farhana Masood, Zarreena Siddiqui, Saghir Ahmad, Abdul Malik
    Pages 1-8
  3. Z. R. Azaz Ahmad Azad, Mohd. Fahim Ahmad, Waseem Ahmad Siddiqui
    Pages 9-28
  4. Mohammad Anas, Saghir Ahmad, Abdul Malik
    Pages 29-49
  5. Hüseyin Erten, Bilal Agirman, Cennet Pelin Boyaci-Gunduz, Erdem Carsanba, Sezgi Leventdurur
    Pages 51-93
  6. Khalid Bashir, Kulsum Jan, Sweta Joshi, Shumaila Jan, Z. R. Azaz Ahmad Azad
    Pages 95-103
  7. Sweta Joshi, Ahmed Mobeen, Kulsum Jan, Khalid Bashir, Z. R. Azaz Ahmad Azad
    Pages 105-120
  8. M. Shafiq Ansari, Rabiya Basri, Surendra Singh Shekhawat
    Pages 121-207
  9. Mifftha Yaseen, Tahreem Kausar, Bushra Praween, Shafaq Javaid Shah, Yasmeena Jan, Surendra Singh Shekhawat et al.
    Pages 209-234
  10. Erdal Ağçam, Burcu Dündar, Süleyman Polat, Asiye Akyildiz
    Pages 235-271
  11. Mehmet Sertaç Özer, Gamze Nil Yazici
    Pages 309-347
  12. Hasan Tanguler, Bulent Kabak
    Pages 349-402
  13. Saghir Ahmad, Farhana Masood, Khalida Khatoon, Abdul Malik
    Pages 403-418
  14. Selin Kalkan, Zerrin Erginkaya, Emel Ünal Turhan, Gözde Konuray
    Pages 419-443
  15. Emel Ünal Turhan, Zerrin Erginkaya, Mihriban Korukluoğlu, Gözde Konuray
    Pages 445-469
  16. Mevhibe Terkuran, Emel Ünal Turhan, Zerrin Erginkaya
    Pages 513-535
  17. Oya Berkay Karaca, Celile Aylin Oluk, Tansu Taşpinar, Mehmet Güven
    Pages 537-565
  18. Süleyman Polat, Erdal Ağçam, Burcu Dündar, Asiye Akyildiz
    Pages 577-611
  19. Sadaf Nazir, Z. R. Azaz Ahmad Azad
    Pages 613-632
  20. Halil İbrahim Kaya, Burcu Özel, Ömer Şimşek
    Pages 633-659
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 661-672

About this book


Food processing is expected to affect content, activity and bioavailability of nutrients; the health-promoting capacity of food products depends on their processing history. Traditional technologies, such as the use of antimicrobials and thermal processing, are efficient in increasing nutritional value to an extent, though they may not be effective at addressing food safety, particularly when it comes to maintaining the food's molecular structure. Modern food processing plants improve the quality of life for people with allergies, diabetics, and others who cannot consume some common food elements. Food processing can also add extra nutrients, such as vitamins. Processed foods are often less susceptible to early spoilage than fresh foods and are better suited for long-distance transportation from the source to the consumer. However, food processing can also decrease the nutritional value of foods and introduce hazards not encountered with naturally occurring products. Processed foods often include food additives, such as flavourings and texture-enhancing agents, which may have little or no nutritive value, and may in fact be unhealthy.

This book deals with the subject of food processing in a unique way, providing an overview not only of current techniques in food processing and preservation (i.e., dairy, meat, cereal, vegetables, fruits and juice processing, etc.) but also the health and safety aspects: food technologies that improve nutritional quality of foods, functional foods, and nanotechnology in the food and agriculture industry. The text also looks into the future by defining current bottlenecks and future research goals. This work will serve as a ready reference for the subject matter to students and researchers alike.


Food processing technologies Processed foods Functional foods Food safety Nutritional value

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  1. 1.Department of Agricultural Microbiology, Faculty of Agricultural SciencesAligarh Muslim UniversityAligarhIndia
  2. 2.Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of AgricultureCukurova UniversityAdanaTurkey
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