Establishing Quantum Physics in Göttingen

David Hilbert, Max Born, and Peter Debye in Context, 1900-1926

  • Arne Schirrmacher

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Quantum mechanics – the grandiose theory that describes nature down to the submicroscopic level – was first formulated in Göttingen in 1925. How did this come about and why is it that Göttingen became the pre-eminent location for a revolution in physics? This book is the first to investigate the wide range of factors that were pivotal for quantum physics to be established in Göttingen. These include the process of generational change of physics professors, the hopes of mathematicians seeking new fields of research, and a new understanding of the interplay of experiment, theory and philosophy.


history of quantum mechanics David Hilbert Max Born Werner Heisenberg Peter Debye birth of quantum theory Göttingen university

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