Electromagnetic and Optical Pulse Propagation

Volume 2: Temporal Pulse Dynamics in Dispersive Attenuative Media

  • Kurt E.¬†Oughstun

Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 225)

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About this book


In two volumes, this book presents a detailed, systematic treatment of electromagnetics with application to the propagation of transient electromagnetic fields (including ultrawideband signals and ultrashort pulses) in dispersive attenuative media. The development in this expanded, updated, and reorganized new edition is mathematically rigorous, progressing from classical theory to the asymptotic description of pulsed wave fields in Debye and Lorentz model dielectrics, Drude model conductors, and composite model semiconductors. It will be of use to researchers as a resource on electromagnetic radiation and wave propagation theory with applications to ground and foliage penetrating radar, medical imaging, communications, and safety issues associated with ultrawideband pulsed fields. With meaningful exercises, and an authoritative selection of topics, it can also be used as a textbook to prepare graduate students for research. 

Volume 2 presents a detailed asymptotic description of plane wave pulse propagation in dielectric, conducting, and semiconducting materials as described by the classical Lorentz model of dielectric resonance, the Rocard-Powles-Debye model of orientational polarization, and the Drude model of metals. The rigorous description of the signal velocity of a pulse in a dispersive material is presented in connection with the question of superluminal pulse propagation. The second edition contains new material on the effects of spatial dispersion on precursor formation, and pulse transmission into a dispersive half space and into multilayered media.

Volume 1 covers spectral representations in temporally dispersive media.


Drude model of conductivity Rocard-Powles extension optical beam field propagation propagation in attenuative media propagation in dispersive media pulsed electromagnetic field propagation superliminal pulse propagation time-domain electromagnetics time-domain optics ultrashort pulses asymptotic methods in optics

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