Springer Series in Light Scattering

Volume 4: Light Scattering and Radiative Transfer

  • Alexander¬†Kokhanovsky

Part of the Springer Series in Light Scattering book series (SSLS)

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This book describes recent advances in radiative transfer, atmospheric remote sensing, polarization optics of random media, and light scattering. It is a valuable resource for anyone involved in light scattering research. Providing numerous step-by-step tutorials, it allows readers to quickly learn about various aspects of theoretical and experimental light scattering media optics. The book features among others a chapter on aerosol remote sensing that helps readers to define and solve various aerosol remote sensing problems.


Radiative Transfer Light Scattering Optics Remote Sensing Polarization Thermal Engineering Mueller Matrix Random Medium Light scatttering from soot Radiative transfer in polymer processing

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  • Alexander¬†Kokhanovsky
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