Index Fund Management

A Practical Guide to Smart Beta, Factor Investing, and Risk Premia

  • Fadi┬áZaher

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  3. Part II

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  4. Part III

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      Pages 171-171
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      Pages 173-204
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      Pages 205-234
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 235-248

About this book


This book brings simplicity to passive investing, smart beta, and factor investing, which is the fastest growing type of investment in the asset management industry. The subject has a strong academic foundation but often taught and presented in a quite complex and unorganized way.

In recent years, index and factor investing solutions have been bestsellers. But factor investing success is not a foregone conclusion, and there are plenty of quirks and misprints in the literature. Do investors need a novel approach? The book provides answers to some of these questions in an open and objective fashion.

Index fund management is increasingly taught in finance courses at universities. For market practitioners including trustees and investors, this book facilitates an increased understanding of how to invest in index and smart beta strategies, how to implement them, and what to be aware of with concrete and practical real-world examples.


Smart beta factor investing passive investing risk premia style investing indexation Equity Value Investing Low volatility momentum investing Model risk Stock liquidity Multi-factor investing Alternative Indexing

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