Theorems of the 21st Century

Volume I

  • Bogdan Grechuk

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About this book


This book consists of short descriptions of 106 mathematical theorems, which belong to the great achievements of 21st century mathematics but require relatively little mathematical background to understand their formulation and appreciate their importance.

The selected theorems of this volume, chosen from the famous Annals of Mathematics journal, cover a broad range of topics from across mathematics. Each theorem description is essentially self-contained, can be read independently of the others, and requires as little preliminary knowledge as possible. Although the sections often start with an informal discussion and toy examples, all the necessary definitions are included and each description culminates in the precise formulation of the corresponding theorem.

Filling the gap between surveys written for mathematicians and popular mathematics, this book is intended for readers with a keen interest in contemporary mathematics.


Popularization of mathematics Mathematical achievements Greatest theorems Great results Mathematics education

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