Towards a Uniform Approach to Confidentiality of International Commercial Arbitration

  • Elza Reymond-Eniaeva

Part of the European Yearbook of International Economic Law book series (EUROYEAR, volume 7)

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About this book


The book deals with confidentiality as one of the most controversial issues in international commercial arbitration. On the one hand, it is widely recognized that confidentiality is an important advantage of arbitration which contributes to its attractiveness. On the other hand, there is no uniform regulation in national legislations, arbitration rules, and other relevant sources as to the scope or even to the existence of a duty of confidentiality.

A uniform approach to confidentiality of international commercial arbitration is possible. The best way to achieve it would be through harmonization of national arbitration laws which should impose a confidentiality obligation subject to certain exceptions. The purpose of maintaining confidentiality would be to protect primarily the parties from undesirable leaks that can be avoided and to protect arbitration as an institution. As to a systematic publication of arbitral awards without identifying the parties’ identity, it is desirable and should be the goal.


Confidentiality of arbitration Confidentiality of arbitration Implied duty of confidentiality Transparency in arbitration Publication of arbitral awards Exceptions to the confidentiality Privacy of hearings Esso/BHP etc. v. Plowman Confidentiality breach Legal privilege

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