Liability for Antitrust Law Infringements & Protection of IP Rights in Distribution

  • Pranvera Këllezi
  • Bruce Kilpatrick
  • Pierre Kobel

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Liability for Antitrust Law Infringements

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Tihamer Tóth
      Pages 3-83
    3. Florian Schuhmacher, Stefan Holzweber
      Pages 85-107
    4. Isabel Rooms, Gert-Jan Hendrix, Philippe Jonckheere
      Pages 109-125
    5. Thierry Boillot, Mathilde Boudou, Maud Boukhris, Muriel Chagny, Martina Isola, Nizar Lajnef et al.
      Pages 127-148
    6. Carsten König
      Pages 149-169
    7. Catrina Lam, Cherry Xu, Tommy Cheung
      Pages 171-181
    8. Zoltán Marosi, Hargita Árpád
      Pages 183-206
    9. Michele Franzosi, Ottavia Raffaelli
      Pages 207-222
    10. Amaya Angulo Garzaro, Manuel Cañadas Bouwen, Julia Suderow
      Pages 223-237
    11. Helene Andersson
      Pages 239-252
    12. Suzan Hacisalihzade
      Pages 253-265
    13. Richard Jenkinson
      Pages 267-303
    14. Serhiy Shershun, Anna Garbar
      Pages 305-321
  3. Protection of IP Rights in Distribution

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 323-323
    2. Nikolas Guggenberger
      Pages 325-349
    3. Andrea Zinober
      Pages 351-364
    4. Richard Steppe
      Pages 365-402
    5. Felipe Barros Oquendo
      Pages 403-416
    6. Radka MacGregor Pelikánová
      Pages 417-431
    7. Stephanie Wong
      Pages 433-441
    8. Eszter Szakács, Dániel Arányi, Gusztáv Bacher, Bálint Halász, László Zlaratov
      Pages 443-461
    9. Marco Francetti
      Pages 463-477
    10. Paul-George Buta
      Pages 479-505
    11. Anna María Ruiz Martín
      Pages 507-525
    12. Johanna Spjuth, Martin Zeitlin
      Pages 527-548
    13. Pierre Kobel
      Pages 549-574

About this book


This book gathers international and national reports from across the globe on key questions in the field of antitrust and intellectual property.

The first part discusses the allocation of liability for infringement of antitrust laws between corporations and individuals. The book explores the criminal or administrative sanctions available against corporations, companies or group of companies, and individuals, such as employees or directors. A detailed international report explores the major trends and challenges in this field and provides an excellent comparative study of this complex and challenging subject.

The second part examines whether intellectual property rights are sufficiently protected to ensure a fair return on investments made by manufacturers and distributors. This question comes at a time where distribution is facing deep and radical changes with the Internet. To what extent this is an opportunity or a threat to the sustainability of distribution systems of differentiated and IP protected goods is the question. This book brings together the current legal responses across a number of European countries and elsewhere in the world, all summarised and elaborated in an international report.

The book also includes the resolutions passed by the General Assembly of the International League of Competition Law (LIDC) following a debate on each of these topics, which include proposed solutions and recommendations. The LIDC is a long-standing international association that focuses on the interface between competition law and intellectual property law, including unfair competition issues.


Competition Law Antitrust Law Digital Single Market Strategy Intellectual Property Law IP Law Big Data Data Protection Criminal Liability Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits Trademark Law Liability for Antitrust Law Infringements Protection of IP Rights in Distribution LIDC International League of Competition Law Return in Investments Unfair Competition Ligue internationale du droit de la concurrence

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  • Bruce Kilpatrick
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  • Pierre Kobel
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