Mastery of IBD Surgery

  • Neil Hyman
  • Phillip Fleshner
  • Scott Strong

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Tarik Yuce, Michael F. McGee
    Pages 1-7
  3. Benjamin D. Shogan
    Pages 9-18
  4. David R. Rosen, Radhika K. Smith
    Pages 51-58
  5. Amy L. Lightner
    Pages 59-71
  6. Emily Steinhagen
    Pages 73-78
  7. Stewart Whitney, Randolph Steinhagen
    Pages 79-84
  8. Chady Atallah, Matthew Mutch
    Pages 85-91
  9. Sergey Khaitov, Asya Ofshteyn
    Pages 93-111
  10. Charlene Twum-Barima, Phil Tozer
    Pages 113-123
  11. Takayuki Yamamoto
    Pages 133-140
  12. Gaetano Gallo, Willem A. Bemelman
    Pages 141-149
  13. Stephen J. O’Brien, Susan Galandiuk
    Pages 167-178
  14. Thomas G. Barnes, Neil J. Mortensen
    Pages 187-194
  15. Diane Mege, Fabrizio Michelassi
    Pages 195-199
  16. Rebecca Brown, Alessandro Fichera
    Pages 201-207
  17. Cathy Lu, Florian Rieder
    Pages 209-218
  18. Cigdem Benlice, Madhuri Nishtala, Scott R. Steele
    Pages 219-226
  19. Erica R. Cohen, Gil Y. Melmed
    Pages 227-235
  20. Nuha A. Yassin, Antonino Spinelli
    Pages 237-246
  21. Miranda G. Kiernan, J. Calvin Coffey
    Pages 247-254
  22. Noa Krugliak Cleveland, Nicholas DiNardi, David T. Rubin
    Pages 255-263
  23. Mantaj S. Brar, Anthony de Buck van Overstraeten
    Pages 265-272
  24. Evangelos Messaris, Walter Koltun
    Pages 273-278
  25. Hiroko Kunitake, Liliana Bordeianou
    Pages 279-284
  26. Stewart L. Whitney, Alexander J. Greenstein
    Pages 285-293
  27. Paul M. Cavallaro, Richard A. Hodin
    Pages 305-317
  28. Fabian Grass, David W. Larson
    Pages 319-328
  29. Adina Feinberg, Tracy Hull
    Pages 337-343
  30. Julia T. Saraidaridis, Peter W. Marcello
    Pages 345-352
  31. Emanuelle Bellaguarda, Stephen B. Hanauer
    Pages 353-362
  32. Victoria Valinluck Lao, Steven D. Wexner
    Pages 363-370
  33. Dakshitha Wickramasinghe, Janindra Warusavitarne
    Pages 377-386
  34. Jean H. Ashburn, Feza H. Remzi
    Pages 395-401

About this book


This book provides a guide to the management of patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The indications for surgery within inflammatory bowel disease are covered, as well as new biologic medications and the effects they have on the immune system. Details on how these drugs should be managed to avoid complications and ensure patient safety are also included.

Mastery of IBD Surgery sets out to cover surgical responses to inflammatory bowel disease from a multidisciplinary perspective and aims to help all surgeons and medical professionals working in this area.

This book is relevant to colorectal surgeons, gastrointestinal surgeons, and gastroenterologists.


Crohn’s disease Inflammatory bowel disease Ulcerative Colitis IBD J pouch Gastroenterology

Editors and affiliations

  • Neil Hyman
    • 1
  • Phillip Fleshner
    • 2
  • Scott Strong
    • 3
  1. 1.Colon and Rectal SurgeryUniversity of ChicagoChicagoUSA
  2. 2.Section of Colon and Rectal SurgeryCedars-Sinai Medical CenterLos AngelesUSA
  3. 3.Feinberg School of MedicineNorthwestern UniversityChicagoUSA

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