The Dirac Equation in Curved Spacetime

A Guide for Calculations

  • Peter Collas
  • David Klein

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About this book


This book explains and develops the Dirac equation in the context of general relativistic quantum mechanics in a range of spacetime dimensions. It clarifies the subject by carefully pointing out the various conventions used and explaining how they are related to each other. The prerequisites are familiarity with general relativity and an exposure to the Dirac equation at the level of special relativistic quantum mechanics, but a review of this latter topic is given in the first chapter as a reference and framework for the physical interpretations that follow. Worked examples and exercises with solutions are provided. Appendices include reviews of topics used in the body of the text. This book should benefit researchers and graduate students in general relativity and in condensed matter.


Dirac Equation in Special Relativity Dirac Equation in General Relativity Gamma Matrices Spinorial Covariant Derivative CARTAN software Dirac Equation and curved graphene Fock-Ivanenko coefficients Newman-Penrose spin coefficients

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