Essential Foot and Ankle Surgical Techniques

A Multidisciplinary Approach

  • Christopher F. Hyer
  • Gregory C. Berlet
  • Terrence M. Philbin
  • Patrick E. Bull
  • Mark A. Prissel

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Robert D. Santrock, Christopher F. Hyer
    Pages 1-13
  3. Maria Romano McGann, David S. Buchan, Christopher F. Hyer
    Pages 15-25
  4. W. Bret Smith, B. Collier Watson, Christopher W. Reb
    Pages 27-37
  5. Roberto A. Brandão, David Larson
    Pages 51-56
  6. Jeffrey E. McAlister, Mark A. Prissel
    Pages 57-68
  7. William T. DeCarbo, Michael D. Dujela
    Pages 69-83
  8. Patrick E. Bull, James M. Cottom, Geoffrey Landis
    Pages 85-92
  9. Bryan Van Dyke, Terrence M. Philbin
    Pages 93-99
  10. Travis Langan, Adam Halverson, David Goss Jr.
    Pages 101-108
  11. Matthew M. Buchanan
    Pages 109-119
  12. Mark A. Prissel, Jeffrey E. McAlister
    Pages 121-135
  13. Jeffrey S. Weber
    Pages 137-148
  14. Maria Romano McGann, Bryan Van Dyke, Gregory C. Berlet
    Pages 149-151
  15. Corey M. Fidler, Patrick E. Bull
    Pages 153-156
  16. W. Bret Smith, Justin Daigre
    Pages 157-166
  17. Jeffrey E. McAlister, Roberto A. Brandão, Bryan Van Dyke, Maria Romano McGann, Christopher F. Hyer
    Pages 167-174
  18. Kyle S. Peterson, David Larson, Roberto A. Brandão
    Pages 189-196
  19. Bradly W. Bussewitz, Christopher W. Reb, David Larson
    Pages 197-208
  20. Jeffrey E. McAlister, Gregory C. Berlet
    Pages 209-215
  21. Michael D. Dujela, Ryan T. Scott, Matthew D. Sorensen, Mark A. Prissel
    Pages 217-231
  22. J. George DeVries
    Pages 233-248
  23. Daniel J. Cuttica, Thomas H. Sanders
    Pages 249-259
  24. Gregory C. Berlet, Roberto A. Brandão, Bryan Van Dyke
    Pages 261-273
  25. Michael D. Dujela, Christopher F. Hyer
    Pages 275-290
  26. J. George DeVries, Matthew D. Sorensen
    Pages 291-306
  27. Jeffrey E. McAlister, Mark A. Prissel, Christopher F. Hyer, Gregory C. Berlet, Terrence M. Philbin, Patrick E. Bull
    Pages 307-323
  28. Terrence M. Philbin, B. Collier Watson, Christopher F. Hyer
    Pages 325-336
  29. Corey M. Fidler, Gregory C. Berlet
    Pages 337-341
  30. Roberto A. Brandão, Maria Romano McGann, Patrick E. Bull
    Pages 343-355
  31. W. Bret Smith, P. Pete S. Deol
    Pages 357-364
  32. Christopher W. Reb, Gregory C. Berlet
    Pages 365-376
  33. Jeffrey S. Weber
    Pages 377-390
  34. Roberto A. Brandão, Justin Daigre, Christopher F. Hyer
    Pages 391-410
  35. Ryan T. Scott, Mark A. Prissel
    Pages 411-420
  36. Daniel J. Cuttica, Christopher W. Reb
    Pages 421-429
  37. Ryan T. Scott, James M. Cottom, Matthew D. Sorensen, Mark A. Prissel
    Pages 431-445
  38. Premjit Pete S. Deol, Robert D. Santrock
    Pages 447-457
  39. Ryan T. Scott, Christopher F. Hyer, Gregory C. Berlet, Terrence M. Philbin, Patrick E. Bull, Mark A. Prissel
    Pages 459-467
  40. Back Matter
    Pages 469-482

About this book


This comprehensive textbook brings together a unique vision and multidisciplinary approach – embracing and combining MD, DO and DPM foot and ankle training disciplines – into a singular focus on improving and mastering surgical treatment of foot and ankle disorders. It opens with a chapter presenting the specific preoperative considerations and protocols commonly followed by foot and ankle surgeons of all specialties. Divided into three main thematic sections detailing the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot, each subsequent chapter follows a consistent chapter format presenting case examples, key surgical set-up and equipment needs and step-by-step clinical pearls for surgical excellence. Post-operative care and rehabilitation recommendations are also included for a well-rounded presentation of care from start to finish. Both common and complex pathologies and injuries are discussed, from bunion and hammertoe management to the Charcot foot and ankle, total ankle replacement, arthroscopy and arthroplasty techniques, amputations and biologics. Generous figures and intraoperative photos illustrate the procedures in vivid detail.

The subspecialty of foot and ankle surgery is a highly specialized one, which is constantly evolving and improving. This speaks to the complexity of the foot and ankle complex, the multiple levels and articulations of the foot and the variety of pathologies encountered. This textbook leans on the unique experience and training of the OFAC attending surgeons and past fellows to reveal the pearls and keys to the efficient surgical treatment of the full gamut of foot and ankle pathologies. Ideally suited for residents and students whether MD, DO or DPM, Essential Foot and Ankle Surgical Techniques - EFAST for short - is a dynamic, multidisciplinary resource that covers the full range of pathologies and injuries an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist would encounter in daily practice.


Achilles tendon Amputation Arthrodesis Arthroplasty Arthroscopy Bunion Cavus foot Charcot foot Foot and ankle surgery Forefoot Hammertoe Hindfoot Joint fusion Midfoot Neuroma Total ankle replacement (TAR) Turf toe

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  • Gregory C. Berlet
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  • Terrence M. Philbin
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  • Patrick E. Bull
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