Engineering Problems for Undergraduate Students

Over 250 Worked Examples with Step-by-Step Guidance

  • Xian Wen Ng

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About this book


This textbook supplement deconstructs some of the most commonly-encountered and challenging problems arising within engineering domains such as thermodynamics, separation processes, chemical kinetics, fluid dynamics, and engineering mathematics that are foundational to most engineering programs, as well as many courses in STEM disciplines. The book is organized into a series of 250 problems and worked solutions, with problems written in a format typical of exam questions. The book provides students ample practice in solving problems and sharpening their skill applying abstract theoretical concepts to solving exam problems. The presentation of detailed step-by-step explanations for each problem from start to finish in this book helps students follow the train of thought toward arriving at the final numerical solutions to the problems.

  • Stands as an all-in-one, multidisciplinary, engineering problem-solving resource with comprehensive depth and breadth of coverage;
  • Adopts a highly relevant question and answer pedagogy;
  • Maximizes understanding through clear use of visuals;
  • Emphasizes detailed, step-by-step explanations;
  • Includes supplementary sections of cross-referenced concepts.


Engineering primer Laplace transform Fourier series Taylor’s series Method of undetermined coefficients Gibbs energy laws of thermodynamics Gibbs-Duhem equation Ideal solution Raoult’s Law Langmuir adsorption Membrane permeability Convolution theorem Packed bed reactor Continuity equation Friction factor Newtonian fluid Navier-Stokes equation Stoke's flow

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