Rape Narratives in Motion

  • Ulrika Andersson
  • Monika Edgren
  • Lena Karlsson
  • Gabriella Nilsson

Part of the Palgrave Studies in Crime, Media and Culture book series (PSCMC)

About this book


This book critically examines the last few decades of discussion around sex and violence in the media, on social media, in the courtroom and through legislation. The discursive struggles over what constitutes sexual violence, victims and offenders is normally determined through narratives: a selective ordering of events and participants. Centrally, the book investigates the social processes involved in the telling of stories of rape and its political implications. From a multidisciplinary feminist perspective, this volume explores what narratives about sexual violence are deemed legitimate at this historical juncture. This volume brings together feminist scholars working in a wide variety of disciplines including law, legal studies, history, gender studies, ethnology, media, criminology and social work from across the globe. Through situated empirical work, these scholars seek to understand currents movements between the criminal justice system and the cultural imagination. 


victims sexuality feminist violence gender gang crime and media twitter sexual assault consent sexual violence social media violence online

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  • Ulrika Andersson
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  • Monika Edgren
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  • Lena Karlsson
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  • Gabriella Nilsson
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  2. 2.Malmö UniversityMalmöSweden
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