China’s Military Modernization, Japan’s Normalization and the South China Sea Territorial Disputes

  • Zenel Garcia

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About this book


This book assesses the Sino-Japanese strategic competition in the context of the South China Sea (SCS) territorial disputes. The South China Sea territorial disputes are quickly becoming the most significant security problem in East and Southeast Asia. Two major powers, China and Japan, have interests in the region and are pursuing different strategies that can significantly impact the outcome of the disputes. Utilizing Securitization Theory, this study evaluates the Sino-Japanese strategic competition through political narratives that galvanize the military and economic policies that are transforming the region. It highlights how these narratives, so closely bounded to the political legitimacy of current governments and supported by provocative policies, have resulted in a co-constitutive pattern of enmity and securitization, thus making it increasingly difficult to resolve the disputes.

Zenel Garcia is Visiting Assistant Professor at St. Lawrence University, USA. His research focuses on Foreign Policy and Security Studies with a concentration in East Asia.


China's military maritime studies military studies China and Japan South China sea disputes military modernization security studies Sino-Japanese Security Relations Vietnam case study Philippines case study IR security maritime disputes territory studies East Asia security studies Asian politics East and Southeast Asia normalizing Japan's military status territorial claims in Asia foreign policy foreign diplomacy

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