Living Death in Mexico

  • R. Guy Emerson

Part of the Studies of the Americas book series (STAM)

Table of contents

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    Pages i-xi
  2. R. Guy Emerson
    Pages 1-20
  3. The Wounded Body

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 21-21
    2. R. Guy Emerson
      Pages 23-42
  4. The Mutilated Body

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 101-101
    2. R. Guy Emerson
      Pages 103-126
    3. R. Guy Emerson
      Pages 127-148
    4. R. Guy Emerson
      Pages 171-187
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 189-190

About this book


This book offers a contemporary look at violence in Mexico and argues for a recalibration in how necropolitics, as the administration of life and death, is understood. The author locates the forces of mortality directly on the body, rather than as an object of government, thereby placing death in a politics of the everyday. This necropolitics is explored through testimonies of individuals living in towns overrun by organized crime and resistance groups, namely, the autodefensa movement, that operate throughout Michoacán, one of the most violent states in Mexico. This volume studies how individuals and communities go on living not in spite of the death that surrounds life, but more disturbingly by attuning to it.

R. Guy Emerson is Professor at the Department of International Relations and Political Science at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico.


Biopolitics Necro-Politics Violence Governmentality War on Drugs Organized Crime

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  1. 1.International Relations and Political ScienceUniversidad de las Américas PueblaSan Andrés CholulaMexico

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