Traffic and Granular Flow '17

  • Samer H. Hamdar
Conference proceedings TGF 2017

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Roadway Vehicular Flow: Data Collection, Modeling and Simulation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Akihito Nagahama, Daichi Yanagisawa, Katsuhiro Nishinari
      Pages 11-18
    3. Alonso Espinosa Mireles de Villafranca, Richard D. Connors, R. Eddie Wilson
      Pages 29-36
    4. Boudewijn Zwaal, Victor L. Knoop, Hans van Lint
      Pages 37-44
    5. Stefan Bittihn, Andreas Schadschneider
      Pages 45-52
    6. Andreas Schadschneider, Johannes Schmidt, Jan de Gier, Gunter M. Schütz
      Pages 53-60
    7. Dominik Wegerle, Boris S. Kerner, Sergey L. Klenov, Michael Schreckenberg
      Pages 61-69
    8. Sven-Eric Molzahn, Boris S. Kerner, Hubert Rehborn, Sergey L. Klenov, Micha Koller
      Pages 71-78
    9. Sven-Eric Molzahn, Boris S. Kerner, Hubert Rehborn
      Pages 79-86
    10. Narayana Raju, Shriniwas Arkatkar, Gaurang Joshi
      Pages 87-95
    11. Claire E. Silverstein, Samer H. Hamdar, Seungmo Kang, Kitae Jang
      Pages 107-116
    12. Alma Rosa Méndez, Rosa María Velasco, Wilson Marques Jr.
      Pages 125-130
    13. Robert P. Adkins, David M. Mount, Alice A. Zhang
      Pages 131-139
  3. Pedestrian Traffic: Analytical and Empirical Studies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 141-141
    2. Muhammad Baqui, Michelle Isenhour, Rainald Löhner
      Pages 143-150
    3. Luca Crociani, Andrea Gorrini, Claudio Feliciani, Giuseppe Vizzari, Katsuhiro Nishinari, Stefania Bandini
      Pages 151-158
    4. Pavel Hrabák, Marek Bukáček, Peter M. Kielar, André Borrmann
      Pages 159-166
    5. Christian Berzi, Andrea Gorrini, Giuseppe Vizzari
      Pages 167-175
    6. Jiahua Zhang, Miho Iryo-Asano, Charitha Dias
      Pages 177-185
    7. Jette Schumann, Maik Boltes, Armin Seyfried
      Pages 195-203
    8. Luca Crociani, Yiping Zeng, Andrea Gorrini, Giuseppe Vizzari, Weiguo Song
      Pages 205-213
    9. Jiayue Wang, Maik Boltes, Armin Seyfried, Antoine Tordeux, Jun Zhang, Verena Ziemer et al.
      Pages 225-234
    10. Peter M. Kielar, Pavel Hrabák, Marek Bukáček, André Borrmann
      Pages 245-253
    11. Cornelia von Krüchten, Andreas Schadschneider
      Pages 255-263
    12. Anass Rahouti, Ruggiero Lovreglio, Charitha Dias, Sélim Datoussaïd
      Pages 265-275
    13. Jeroen van den Heuvel, Jasmin Thurau, Martin Mendelin, Rik Schakenbos, Marcel van Ofwegen, Serge P. Hoogendoorn
      Pages 277-286
    14. Jasmin Thurau, Jeroen van den Heuvel, Nicolas Keusen, Marcel van Ofwegen, Serge P. Hoogendoorn
      Pages 287-296
    15. Daichi Yanagisawa, Keisuke Yamazaki
      Pages 297-305
    16. Benedikt Zönnchen, Matthias Laubinger, Gerta Köster
      Pages 307-315
    17. Valentina Kurtc, Mohcine Chraibi, Antoine Tordeux
      Pages 317-325
    18. Antoine Tordeux, Mohcine Chraibi, Armin Seyfried, Andreas Schadschneider
      Pages 327-335
    19. Antoine Tordeux, Andreas Schadschneider, Sylvain Lassarre
      Pages 337-345
    20. Yusuke Miyoshi, Daichi Yanagisawa, Katsuhiro Nishinari
      Pages 347-355
    21. Winnie Daamen, Jeroen van den Heuvel, Victor L. Knoop, Serge P. Hoogendoorn
      Pages 365-372
    22. Ernst Bosina, Ulrich Weidmann
      Pages 383-391
  4. From Individual Interactions to Complex Systems: Airplanes, Bicycles, Mixed Flow, Particles and Traveler Behavior

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 393-393
    2. Florian Mazur, Michael Schreckenberg
      Pages 395-403
    3. Jakob Schöttl, Michael J. Seitz, Gerta Köster
      Pages 405-413
    4. Jevgenijs Kaupužs, Reinhard Mahnke, Eitan Bachmat, Vidar Frette
      Pages 415-421
    5. Claudio Feliciani, Luca Crociani, Andrea Gorrini, Giuseppe Vizzari, Katsuhiro Nishinari, Stefania Bandini
      Pages 423-431

About these proceedings


This book presents 57 peer-reviewed papers from the 12th Conference on Traffic and Granular Flow (TGF) held in Washington, DC, in July 2017. It offers a unique synthesis of the latest scientific findings made by researchers from different countries, institutions and disciplines.

The research fields covered range from physics, computer science and engineering and they may be all grouped under the topic of "Traffic and Granular Flow". The main theme of the Conference was: "From Molecular Interactions to Internet of Things and Smart Cities: The Role of Technology in the Understanding and the Evolution of Particle Dynamics".


Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) Biological Systems Pedestrians and Crowd Dynamics Vehicular Traffic Evacuation Nano-particles and molecular dynamics Complex networks Inter-modal Urban Traffic Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Internet of Things (IoT)

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  • Samer H. Hamdar
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  1. 1.Dept. of Civil & Environ. EngineeringGeorge Washington UniversityWashington, DCUSA

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