Healthy Aging

A Complete Guide to Clinical Management

  • Patrick P. Coll

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Patrick P. Coll
    Pages 1-7
  3. Ian Reynolds, Robert L. Page II, Rebecca S. Boxer
    Pages 31-51
  4. Sharon L. Brennan-Olsen, Alan Hayes, Gustavo Duque
    Pages 53-66
  5. Pradeep K. Siddappa, John W. Birk
    Pages 67-79
  6. Brian J. Clark, Nicole Roeder, Kathleen M. Akgün
    Pages 81-92
  7. Brooke A. Harnisch, Mary Soyster, Phillip P. Smith
    Pages 93-103
  8. Sonal A. Parikh, Andrew Kelsey, Justin Finch, Jane M. Grant-Kels
    Pages 105-113
  9. Andrew Kelsey, Sonal A. Parikh, Justin Finch, Jane M. Grant-Kels
    Pages 115-132
  10. Manuel Montero-Odasso
    Pages 133-144
  11. Denis Lafreniere, Kourosh Parham
    Pages 145-158
  12. Muhammad Musab Shamim, Nhon Thanh Le, Claudia Prospero Ponce, Aroucha Vickers, Andrew G. Lee
    Pages 159-168
  13. Robert Briggs, Sean P. Kennelly, Desmond O’Neill
    Pages 169-180
  14. Janet E. McElhaney, Melissa K. Andrew, Shelly McNeil, George A. Kuchel
    Pages 181-188
  15. Elise D. Cook, Lonzetta L. Newman
    Pages 189-199
  16. Faryal S. Mirza, Pamela Taxel, Pooja Luthra
    Pages 201-212
  17. Sarah J. Dirks, Michael Monopoli
    Pages 213-226
  18. Yin Wu, Gregory A. Panza, Beth A. Taylor, Linda S. Pescatello
    Pages 227-240
  19. Yin Wu, Gregory A. Panza, Beth A. Taylor, Linda S. Pescatello
    Pages 241-261
  20. Amy C. Ellis
    Pages 263-274
  21. Eric Trieu, Cathy Alessi
    Pages 275-282
  22. Raisa Yagudayeva, Leopoldine Matialeu, Alexander J. Schupper, Keenan M. Onodera, Daniel D. Sewell
    Pages 283-294
  23. Els Messelis, Meredith Wallace Kazer, Jillian A. Gelmetti
    Pages 295-303
  24. Fabio Guerriero, M. Carrington Reid
    Pages 305-312
  25. Desmond O’Neill
    Pages 313-318
  26. Jacquelyn J. Benson, Steffany Sloan, Allison K. Halt
    Pages 319-328
  27. Peter Martin, Jeongeun Lee, Megan Gilligan
    Pages 329-334
  28. Brandon Nappi
    Pages 335-340
  29. Sharon L. Brennan-Olsen, Shae Quirk, Sarah M. Hosking, Natalie K. Hyde, Rachel Duckham, Lynne Millar
    Pages 341-347
  30. Jennifer Molinsky, Christopher Herbert, Ann Forsyth
    Pages 355-366
  31. Patrick P. Coll, Richard H. Fortinsky
    Pages 377-384
  32. Back Matter
    Pages 385-399

About this book


This book highlights both biomedical and psychosocial interventions, including lifestyle changes that promote healthy aging. The text begins with an introduction to the principles of disease prevention and health promotion with an emphasis on the impact of age on life expectancy, disease and disability. Written by experts who have an interest in healthy aging, the text highlights steps that patients and their healthcare providers can take to promote healthy aging. There is an emphasis on maintaining function and preventing disability with increasing age. Common biomedical interventions including exercise, nutrition, sleep and cancer prevention are addressed in detail. The text then shifts to address the psychosocial determinant of healthy aging including, housing, relationships, intimacy, work and spirituality.  The text then outlines steps that healthcare systems and public policy agencies should adopt to promote healthy aging, both for those who are older now and for those who will be older in the future.  

Healthy Aging is an important resource for those working with older patients, including geriatricians, family medicine physicians, nurses, gerontologists, students, public health administrators, and all other medical professionals.


Age-Related Pathophysiology Disease prevention in aging patients Resilience Public policy and aging Cultural aspects of aging

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  1. 1.Center on Aging and Departments of Family Medicine and MedicineUniversity of Connecticut School of MedicineFarmingtonUSA

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