Public Policy Research in the Global South

A Cross-Country Perspective

  • Heike M. Grimm

Table of contents

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    Pages i-xii
  2. Theoretical Considerations and Global Public Policy Implications

  3. Case Studies

About this book


This volume focuses on the evolution of public policy and the role of agenda setting with regard to policymaking in countries of the Global South. The authors illustrate the emergence of public policy research as an academic discipline, and highlight various aspects of history, governance, politics, and economics as components of public policy theory development. By offering a cross-national perspective, the papers contribute to a better understanding of when, how, and by whom a given policy agenda is designed, which is essential to grasping how policy is implemented. In turn, the authors investigate how the development of public policy research has influenced policymaking in fields such as democratization, migration, corruption, agriculture, environment, education, and entrepreneurship and, more specifically, agenda setting in selected countries of the Global South.


Global South Policy Analysis Policy Cycle Policy Making Public Policy Public Policy Theory

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  • Heike M. Grimm
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  1. 1.Willy Brandt School of Public PolicyUniversity of ErfurtErfurtGermany

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