Nanomaterials and Plant Potential

  • Azamal Husen
  • Muhammad Iqbal

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Plant-Mediated Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Azamal Husen, Muhammad Iqbal
      Pages 3-29
    3. Mahmoud Nasrollahzadeh, S. Mohammad Sajadi, Muhammad Iqbal
      Pages 31-70
    4. Azamal Husen, Qazi Inamur Rahman, Muhammad Iqbal, Mansur Osman Yassin, Rakesh Kumar Bachheti
      Pages 71-110
    5. Madhusudhan Alle, Reddy Ganapuram Bhagavanth, Krishana Indana Murali
      Pages 111-134
    6. Vinod Kumar Mishra, Azamal Husen, Qazi Inamur Rahman, Muhammad Iqbal, Sayed Sartaj Sohrab, Mansur Osman Yassin
      Pages 135-175
    7. Siavash Iravani, Ashutosh Kumar Shukla
      Pages 177-191
    8. Archana Joshi, Ashutosh Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Bachheti, Azamal Husen, Vinod Kumar Mishra
      Pages 221-237
    9. Rakesh K. Bachheti, Rocktotpal Konwarh, Vartika Gupta, Azamal Husen, Archana Joshi
      Pages 239-259
    10. Annu, Akbar Ali, Rahul Gadkari, Javed N. Sheikh, Shakeel Ahmed
      Pages 261-284
    11. Mohammad Mansoob Khan, Mohammad Hilni Harunsani, Adedayo Rasak Adedeji
      Pages 285-297
    12. Rabea Parveen, Bushra Parveen, Abida Parveen, Sayeed Ahmad
      Pages 317-345
  3. Interaction of Plants and Nanomaterials

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 347-347
    2. Rubbel Singla, Avnesh Kumari, Sudesh Kumar Yadav
      Pages 349-377
    3. Mukesh Kumar Kanwar, Shuchang Sun, Xianyao Chu, Jie Zhou
      Pages 379-392
    4. Naser A. Anjum, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Armando C. Duarte, Eduarda Pereira
      Pages 427-439
    5. Muhammad Iqbal, Shahid Umar, Mahmooduzzafar
      Pages 473-505
    6. Amna, Hesham F. Alharby, Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Mohammad Irfan Qureshi
      Pages 507-527
    7. Javed Ahmad Wagay, Sanjay Singh, Mohammed Raffi, Qazi Inamur Rahman, Azamal Husen
      Pages 553-575
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 587-605

About this book


This book discusses the latest developments in plant-mediated fabrication of metal and metal-oxide nanoparticles, and their characterization by using a variety of modern techniques. It explores in detail the application of nanoparticles in drug delivery, cancer treatment, catalysis, and as antimicrobial agent, antioxidant and the promoter of plant production and protection. Application of these nanoparticles in plant systems has started only recently and information is still scanty about their possible effects on plant growth and development. Accumulation and translocation of nanoparticles in plants, and the consequent growth response and stress modulation are not well understood. Plants exposed to these particles exhibit both positive and negative effects, depending on the concentration, size, and shape of the nanoparticles. The impact on plant growth and yield is often positive at lower concentrations and negative at higher ones. Exposure to some nanoparticles may improve the free-radical scavenging potential and antioxidant enzymatic activities in plants and alter the micro-RNAs expression that regulate the different morphological, physiological and metabolic processes in plant system, leading to improved plant growth and yields. The nanoparticles also carry out genetic reforms by efficient transfer of DNA or complete plastid genome into the respective plant genome due to their miniscule size and improved site-specific penetration. Moreover, controlled application of nanomaterials in the form of nanofertilizer offers a more synchronized nutrient fluidity with the uptake by the plant exposed, ensuring an increased nutrient availability. This book addresses these issues and many more. It covers fabrication of different/specific nanomaterials and their wide-range application in agriculture sector, encompassing the controlled release of nutrients, nutrient-use efficiency, genetic exchange, production of secondary metabolites, defence mechanisms, and the growth and productivity of plants exposed to different manufactured nanomaterials. The role of nanofertilizers and nano-biosensors for improving plant production and protection and the possible toxicities caused by certain nanomaterials, the aspects that are little explored by now, have also been generously elucidated.


Biomolecules Nanoparticles Nanoparticle fabrication Nanomaterial application Plant production Plant protection

Editors and affiliations

  • Azamal Husen
    • 1
  • Muhammad Iqbal
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Biology, College of Natural and Computational SciencesUniversity of GondarGondarEthiopia
  2. 2.Department of Botany, Faculty of ScienceJamia Hamdard (Deemed University)New DelhiIndia

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