Multimodal Polymers with Supported Catalysts

Design and Production

  • Alexandra Romina Albunia
  • Floran Prades
  • Dusan Jeremic

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Jonas Alves Fernandes, Anne-Lise Girard
    Pages 55-80
  3. Timothy F. L. McKenna, Muhammad Ahsan Bashir
    Pages 81-114
  4. Vasileios Kanellopoulos, Costas Kiparissides
    Pages 155-203
  5. Christian Paulik, Gunnar Spiegel, Dusan Jeremic
    Pages 243-265
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 267-276

About this book


This book provides an overview of polyolefine production, including several recent breakthrough innovations in the fields of catalysis, process technology, and materials design. The industrial development of polymers is an extraordinary example of multidisciplinary cooperation, involving experts from different fields. An understanding of structure-property and processing relationships leads to the design of materials with innovative performance profiles. A comprehensive description of the connection between innovative material performance and multimodal polymer design, which incorporates both flexibility and constraints of multimodal processes and catalyst needs, is provided. This book provides a summary of the polymerization process, from the atomistic level to the macroscale, process components, including catalysts, and their influence on final polymer performance. This reference merges scholarly investigation and industrial knowledge to fill the gaps between academic research and industrial processes.

  • Connects innovative material performance to the flexibility of multimodal polymer design processes;
  • Provides a comprehensive description of the polymerization process from the atomic level to the macroscale;
  • Presents a polyhedric view of multimodal polymer production, including structure, property, and processing relationships, and the development of new materials.


Multimodal Polymer Design Multimodal Process Multistage Polymerization Particle Growth Polymerization Polyolefins Supported Catalysts

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  • Alexandra Romina Albunia
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  • Floran Prades
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  • Dusan Jeremic
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