Male Eating Disorders

Experiences of Food, Body and Self

  • Russell Delderfield

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About this book


“This new book is unique in the social and psychological sciences, as it uses interpretative methods to explore the experiences of men with eating disorders. Taking a socio-cultural and reflexive approach to men's stories of eating disordered behaviour, the book reveals the lives and experiences of the men to critically discuss their relationships with food, body and self. Humane and revealing, this is a truly groundbreaking work.” 
- Ian Burkitt, Professor Emeritus, author of Social Selves

This book takes a novel approach to the study of male eating disorders – an area that is often dominated by clinical discourses. The study of eating disorders in men has purportedly suffered from a lack of dedicated attention to personal and socio-cultural aspects. Delderfield tackles this deficiency by spotlighting a set of personal accounts written by a group of men who have experiences of disordered eating. The text presents critical interpretations that aim to situate these experiences in the social and cultural context in which these disorders occur. 

This discursive work is underpinned by an eclectic scholarly engagement with social psychology and sociology literature around masculinities, embodiment and fatness, belonging, punishment, stigma, and control; leading to understandings about relationships with food, body and self. This is undertaken with a reflexive element, as the personal intersects with the professional. This text will appeal to students, scholars and clinicians in social sciences, humanities, and healthcare studies, including public health.

Russell Delderfield researches male eating disorders at the University of Bradford, UK. He has diverse expertise, including person-centredness in higher education teaching, doctoral researcher education, and reflective practice. In the latter topic, he authored the latest edition of the book Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development with Dr Gillie Bolton. 


eating disorder nervous consumption body image masculinity bingeing and purging anorexia social stigma patriarchal society Hegemonic masculinity male eating disorders muscle dysmorphia qualitative psychology stoic masculinity male dieting pro-Ana excessive exercise loss-of-control eating ambivalent masculinities

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