Evidence-Based Procedural Dermatology

  • Murad Alam

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Arif Aslam, Sumaira Z. Aasi
    Pages 19-31
  3. Michael C. Cameron, Mariah R. Brown
    Pages 33-45
  4. Ian Maher, Ashley McWilliams
    Pages 47-62
  5. Farhaad R. Riyaz, David M. Ozog
    Pages 63-71
  6. H. William Higgins II, Jeremy Bordeaux
    Pages 73-83
  7. Agnieszka K. Thompson, John A. Carucci
    Pages 85-98
  8. Julie Jefferson, David Zloty
    Pages 99-108
  9. Shauna Higgins, Ashley Wysong
    Pages 109-128
  10. Reason Wilken, Farzam Gorouhi, Samantha Ellis, Daniel B. Eisen
    Pages 129-173
  11. Christina Correnti, Kaitlin Blankenship, Nicole Ufkes, John Strasswimmer
    Pages 175-212
  12. Neil Sadick
    Pages 213-223
  13. Eric C. Wilkerson, David J. Goldberg
    Pages 225-241
  14. Brent C. Martin, Kristen M. Kelly
    Pages 243-258
  15. Daniel A. Belkin, Roy G. Geronemus
    Pages 259-273
  16. Stephanie D. Gan, Jeffrey S. Orringer
    Pages 275-292
  17. Suzan Obagi
    Pages 293-305
  18. Ramona Behshad
    Pages 325-351
  19. Daniel E. Edmondson, Douglas Fife
    Pages 353-362
  20. Ashley Decker, Naomi Lawrence
    Pages 363-377
  21. Robert L. Finney, Marc R. Avram
    Pages 379-388
  22. Todd V. Cartee, Sean T. McGuire
    Pages 389-402
  23. Rachel Redenius, Margaret Mann
    Pages 403-418
  24. Isabella Lai, R. Sonia Batra
    Pages 419-442
  25. Aaron S. Farberg, Daniel Bernstein, Gian Vinelli, Hooman Khorasani
    Pages 443-455
  26. Min-Wei Christine Lee
    Pages 457-477
  27. Zoe Diana Draelos
    Pages 479-497
  28. Sean R. Christensen, Christopher R. Stamey
    Pages 499-521
  29. Mark E. Burnett, John A. Zitelli
    Pages 523-539
  30. C. Blake Phillips, Melissa McEnery-Stonelake, Conway C. Huang
    Pages 541-554
  31. Meredith Orseth, Divya Srivastava
    Pages 555-569
  32. Daniel R. Knabel, Nathaniel J. Jellinek, Thomas J. Knackstedt
    Pages 571-584
  33. Christopher M. Wolfe, Armand B. Cognetta
    Pages 585-626
  34. Dana L. Ellis, Lisa M. Donofrio
    Pages 627-635
  35. Alyx Rosen, Shino Bay Aguilera, Drew Taylor, Eduardo Weiss
    Pages 679-702
  36. Paola Chamorro, Bahar Firoz
    Pages 703-721
  37. Elise Ng, Joanna Dong, Desiree Ratner
    Pages 723-748
  38. Nina R. Blank, Kishwer Nehal, Erica Lee
    Pages 749-766
  39. Katherine T. Steele, Christopher J. Miller
    Pages 767-785
  40. Iris K. Noh, Christopher K. Bichakjian
    Pages 787-799
  41. Jennifer Hau, Shang I. Brian Jiang
    Pages 801-817
  42. Shilpi Khetarpal, Jeffrey S. Dover, Kenneth Arndt
    Pages 819-829
  43. Greg J. Goodman
    Pages 831-854
  44. J. Thomas Landers, Kent Saunders, Peter R. Shumaker
    Pages 855-880

About this book


This book compiles the best evidence in procedural dermatology, including skin cancer surgery, laser techniques, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, and emerging techniques. Building on the highly successful first edition, this volume provides much expanded coverage of a range of topics.  The best information is provided to reveal the most appropriate interventions for particular indications, optimal treatment techniques, and strategies for avoiding adverse events.    

Evidence-Based Procedural Dermatology, 2nd edition, includes two types of chapters:  procedures and indications.  Each chapter is designed to be clear and concise, with tables and flowcharts to showcase main findings.  Each cited study is tagged with a level of evidence, and every recommendation includes a strength of evidence score.

More than double the length of the first edition, this newest edition includes added procedures and interventions like: new lasers and energy devices for skin resurfacing and pigmentation; non-invasive fat reduction and skin tightening using cryolipolysis, radiofrequency, ultrasound, and chemical adipocytolysis; specific post-skin cancer excision reconstruction techniques; and novel approaches for melanoma.


Mohs surgery cosmetic surgery dermatologic surgery dermatology laser surgery skin cancer

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