The Knee Joint

Surgical Techniques and Strategies

  • Michel Bonnin
  • Annunziato Amendola
  • Johan Bellemans
  • Steven MacDonald
  • Jacques Ménétrey

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXI
  2. The Traumatic Knee

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Basic Sciences

    3. Clinical Basis

      1. H. G. Potter, D. B. Sneag, L. R. Chong
        Pages 71-84
      2. S. R. Piedade, E. Servien, F. Lavoie, P. Neyret
        Pages 85-93
      3. B. E. Heyworth, R. H. Brophy, R. G. Marx
        Pages 95-105
    4. The Menisci

      1. J. C. Panisset, J. L. Prudhon
        Pages 109-123
      2. P. Wilmes, D. Pape, R. Seil
        Pages 125-138
      3. R. Verdonk, P. Vansintjan, R. Verdonk
        Pages 139-147
    5. The ACL

      1. B. T. Kean, R. T. Burks
        Pages 151-161
      2. M. J. Matava, R. W. Wright, E. D. Ellis
        Pages 163-172
      3. D. E. Bonasia, A. Amendola
        Pages 173-181
      4. D. Longino, N. Clerk, P. J. Fowler, J. R. Giffin
        Pages 195-202
      5. D. R. McAllister, T. Y. Wu
        Pages 203-216
      6. G. Messerli, J. Ménétrey
        Pages 217-226
      7. B. Sonnery-Cottet
        Pages 227-234
      8. J Iwasa, Y. Shima, L Engebretsen
        Pages 245-262
      9. P. Chambat, R. Vargas, J. Desnoyer
        Pages 263-268
      10. M. A. Shaffer, A. Williams
        Pages 269-290
    6. The PCL

      1. S. Akhavan, R. D. Parker
        Pages 369-375
      2. A. A. Amis, A. Edwards, S. Apsingi
        Pages 387-393
      3. B. Forsythe, R. Mascarenhas, M. W. Pombo, C. D. Harner
        Pages 395-403
      4. R. Badet, P. Verdonk, S. R. Piedade
        Pages 411-415
      5. F. Margheritini, M. Aboelnour, P. P. Mariani
        Pages 417-420
      6. B. Forsythe, R. Mascarenhas, M. W. Pombo, C. D. Harner
        Pages 421-426
      7. K. Corten, J. Bellemans
        Pages 427-439
    7. Bicruciate injuries and dislocations

      1. G. C. Fanelli, C. J. Edson
        Pages 443-455
      2. F. Unno-Veith, J. Ménétrey
        Pages 457-482
      3. A. Miniaci, L. D. Farrow
        Pages 483-495
      4. M. J. DeFranco, A. G. McNickle, B. J. Cole
        Pages 497-503
      5. S. Zaffagnini, E. Kon, G. Filardo, G. Giordano, M. Delcogliano, G. M. Marcheggiani Muccioli et al.
        Pages 505-510
      6. T. Laumonier, J. Ménétrey
        Pages 511-516
    8. Patello-femoral joint

      1. R. P. Grelsamer, J. Gould
        Pages 519-523
      2. Y. Carrillon
        Pages 525-531
      3. K. Raiszadeh, D. C. Fithian, L. C. Latt
        Pages 539-548

About this book


Pushed by the progress of biology, technology and biomechanics, knee surgery has dramatically evolved in the last decades. This book is a "state of the art" concerning all aspects of knee surgery from ligament reconstruction to Total Knee Arthroplasty. An international panel of renowned authors have worked on this didactic fully illustrated book. It will help young surgeons to understand basic sciences and modern sugical techniques. The experienced surgeon will find help to deal with difficult cases and clarifications in recent technologic advances such as cartilage surgery, navigation and mini invasive surgery.


Knee ligaments Knee prosthesis Knee surgery Osteoarthritis of the knee

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  • Michel Bonnin
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  • Annunziato Amendola
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  • Johan Bellemans
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  • Steven MacDonald
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  • Jacques Ménétrey
    • 5
  1. 1.Centre Orthopédique SantyLyonFrance
  2. 2.Hospitals and ClinicsUniversity of IowaIowa CitUSA
  3. 3.PellenbergBelgique
  4. 4.London Health Sciences Centre University CampusUniversity of Western OntarioLondonCanada
  5. 5.Clinique et polyclinique d’orthopédie de l’appareil moteurHôpital universitaire de GenèveGenève 14Suisse

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