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Pathology and surgery around the vertebral artery


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIX
  2. P. Fransen, B. J. M. Pirotte
    Pages 1-4
  3. B. George, M. Bruneau
    Pages 5-24
  4. S. Louryan, N. Vanmuylder, M. Bruneau
    Pages 25-28
  5. A. Campero, P. A. Rubino, A. L. Rhoton Jr.
    Pages 29-40
  6. M. Bruneau, O. De Witte, L. Regli, B. George
    Pages 53-74
  7. D. Balériaux, N. Gültasli
    Pages 75-83
  8. M. Rubiera, D. Patterson, A. V. Alexandrov
    Pages 85-95
  9. S. Amin-Hanjani, F. T. Charbel
    Pages 97-107
  10. M. Arnold, U. Fischer, M.-G. Bousser
    Pages 109-123
  11. C. Laurian, S. Fukui, E. Gigou
    Pages 201-213
  12. R. A. Hanel, L. B. C. Brasiliense, F. C. Albuquerque, R. F. Spetzler
    Pages 215-225
  13. M. Bruneau, J. F. Cornelius, B. George
    Pages 227-246
  14. M. Bruneau, M. Yasuda, B. George
    Pages 247-266
  15. B. C. R. Lázaro, N. Crawford, V. K. H. Sonntag
    Pages 267-271

About this book


This is the first comprehensive book about surgery on and around the vertebral artery all along its cervical and intracranial course. This vessel has been considered for long as out of surgical reach leaving many different pathologies not or incompletely treated. The surgical exposure and control of the vertebral artery not only permit to treat lesions of the vertebral artery wall or developed in contact to it but also to improve the access to the intervertebral foramen (tumors, osteophytes), to the anterior aspect of the spinal cord (tumors, spondylotic spurs), to the foramen magnum and to the jugular foramen.

This book written by leading experts includes all aspects of vertebral artery surgery from anatomy to imaging, surgical techniques and pathologies; it is illustrated by many figures especially operative views and schematic drawings so that the beginner as well as the experienced surgeon find useful information.

One of the editors of this book (B. GEORGE) was recently awarded the Olivecrona award for his work on the surgery of the vertebral artery.


cervical spine cranial base neurosurgery surgical techniques vertebral artery

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Department of NeurosurgeryHôpital LariboisièreParisFrance
  2. 2.Department of NeurosurgeryErasme University Hospital Université Libre de BruxellesBelgium
  3. 3.Barrow Neurological InstitutePhoenixUSA
  4. 4.Section of Neurosurgery Department of SurgeryUniversity of Arizona College of MedicineTusconUSA

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From the reviews:

“This dense book is meant to be an encyclopaedia of this very specific vessel. … All the different aspects of pathology, diagnosis and treatment of the vertebral artery are covered and chapters are consistently organised. … A great book that should be on the shelves of every surgeon concerned with the approach to the artery and to the cervical spine, neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons or even vascular surgeons.” (Pierre Henri Kehr, European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology, Vol. 23, 2013)

“This book targets a wide audience of surgeons, including ENTs, vascular surgeons, orthopedic neurosurgeons and endovascular interventionists. … the text is richly illustrated by schema, tables, photography of cadaver dissections and surgical exposures, as well as extremely well-selected imaging. … The aim of this book is to make vertebral artery surgery accessible to most surgeons. … it is an ‘immense collective and creative endeavor’ that ‘will become the classic on this topic and the reference for contemporary neurosurgeons.’ … A must have.” (Philippe Bijlenga, Acta Neurochirurgica, Vol. 154, 2012)