Weather Satellites: Systems, Data, and Environmental Applications

  • Editors
  • P. Krishna Rao
  • Susan J. Holmes
  • Ralph K. Anderson
  • Jay S. Winston
  • Paul E. Lehr

About this book


The present review of weather-satellite systems, data, and environmental applications encompasses the evolution of space-based weather observation, national observing capabilities, sensor data and processing, climate and meteorological applications, applications to land, agriculture, and ocean sciences, and some future directions. 

Specific issues addressed include U.S. operational polar and geostationary satellites, the Japanese GMS, remote sensing instrumentation, the Argos data collection and location system, satellite data product processing and archiving, atmospheric soundings, and image display and analysis systems. 
Also addressed are stereoscopic measurements, convective-scale weather analysis and forecasting, aviation and marine applications, and applications to the study of thermal anomalies, the earth-radiation budget, stratospheric monitoring, and vegetation monitoring, and reference is made to the potential of a polar orbiting platform


Remote Sensing Environmental Applications Meteorological Satellites Astronautics in Meteorology Atmospheric Science American Meteorological Society Mesoscale Meteorology and Forecasting

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