Radar in Meteorology

Battan Memorial and 40th Anniversary Radar Meteorology Conference

  • Editors
  • David Atlas

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. History

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Isadore Katz, Patrick J. Harney
      Pages 16-21
    3. Pauline M. Austin, Spiros G. Geotis
      Pages 22-31
    4. James I. Metcalf, Kenneth M. Glover
      Pages 32-43
    5. R. H. Douglas
      Pages 61-68
    6. Nobuhiko Kodaira, Jiro Aoyagi
      Pages 69-76
    7. David Atlas, Carlton W. Ulbrich
      Pages 86-97
    8. Thomas A. Seliga, Robert G. Humphries, James I. Metcalf
      Pages 109-114
    9. Ralph J. Donaldson
      Pages 115-121
    10. Kenneth R. Hardy, Kenneth S. Gage
      Pages 130-142
    11. Earle R. Williams, Vladislav Mazur, Spiros G. Geotis
      Pages 143-150
  3. Science and Technology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 151-151
    2. V. N. Bringi, A. Hendry
      Pages 153-190
    3. R. Jeffrey Keeler, Richard E. Passarelli
      Pages 199-229
    4. Dusan S. Zrnić
      Pages 230-234
    5. Ben B. Balsley
      Pages 282-286
    6. Peter H. Hildebrand, Richard K. Moore
      Pages 287-314
    7. David P. Jorgensen, Robert Meneghini
      Pages 315-322
    8. A. R. Jameson, D. B. Johnson
      Pages 323-340
    9. Kenneth V. Beard, M. Robert
      Pages 341-347
    10. Peter Ray
      Pages 348-390
    11. R. Carbone, B. Foote, M. Moncrieff, T. Gal-Chen, W. Cotton, M. Hjelmfelt et al.
      Pages 391-400
    12. Frank D. Marks Jr.
      Pages 401-425
    13. Edward Zipser, Alan Betts, Frank Ruggiero, Barry Hinton
      Pages 426-432
    14. David B. Parsons, Bradley F. Smull, Douglas K. Lilly
      Pages 461-476
    15. Earl E. Gossard
      Pages 477-527
    16. Robert A. Kropfli
      Pages 528-533
  4. Operational Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 575-575
    2. Jürg Joss, Albert Waldvogel, C. G. Collier
      Pages 577-606
    3. Donald W. Burgess, Leslie R. Lemon
      Pages 619-647
    4. Joseph H. Golden
      Pages 648-656
    5. T. Theodore Fujita, John McCarthy
      Pages 657-681
    6. James Wilson
      Pages 682-688
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 689-806

About this book


This fully illustrated volume covers the history of radar meteorology, deals with the issues in the field from both the operational and the scientific viewpoint, and looks ahead to future issues and how they will affect the current atmosphere. With over 200 contributors, the volume is a product of the entire community and represents an unprecedented compendium of knowledge in the field.


History Weather Meteorology Lightning Investigation Nowcasting Precipitation Measurement Radar Meteorology Remote Sensing Weather Forecasting

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