Reconstructive Surgery of the Rectum, Anus and Perineum

  • Andrew P. Zbar
  • Robert D. Madoff
  • Steven Wexner

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Imaging and Physiology in Reconstructive Surgery

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-2
    2. Johann Pfeifer
      Pages 3-12
    3. Vittorio Luigi Piloni, Corrado R. Asteria, Sergio Bellarosa
      Pages 13-20
    4. Martyn D. Evans, John Beynon
      Pages 21-34
    5. Sanne M. E. Engelen, Geerard L. Beets, Regina G. H. Beets-Tan
      Pages 35-45
    6. Kok Sun Ho, Francis Seow-Choen
      Pages 47-52
  3. Decision-Making in Rectal and Anal Reconstruction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 93-94
    2. Olof Hallböök
      Pages 105-112
    3. Vikram Reddy, Walter E. Longo
      Pages 113-122
    4. Michael John Solomon, Peter Jun Myung Lee, Kirk Austin
      Pages 123-136
    5. Patrick S. Sullivan, Eric J. Dozois
      Pages 137-153
    6. Mariano Laporte, Nicolás A. Rotholtz
      Pages 155-161
    7. Joshua R. Karas, Roberto Bergamaschi
      Pages 163-170
    8. Hester Y. S. Cheung, Cliff C. C. Chung, Michael K. W. Li
      Pages 171-176
    9. J. Manuel Devesa, Javier Die, Rosana Vicente
      Pages 177-189
    10. James Hill, Malcolm Wilson
      Pages 201-210
  4. Reoperative Strategies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 211-211
    2. Emil N. Salmo, Najib Y. Haboubi
      Pages 213-224
    3. Feza H. Remzi, Hasan T. Kirat
      Pages 225-235
    4. Hagit Tulchinsky, Micha Rabau
      Pages 237-245
    5. Dana R. Sands
      Pages 247-264
  5. Reoperative Surgery for Functional Constipation and Obstructed Defecation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 265-265
    2. Peter Christensen, Søren Laurberg
      Pages 273-282
    3. Marc A. Gladman, Norman S. Williams
      Pages 283-296
    4. Donato F. Altomare, Giovanni Milito, Federica Cadeddu, Filippo Pucciani
      Pages 297-303
    5. Mario Pescatori
      Pages 305-313
  6. Reoperation in Fecal Incontinence

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 327-327
    2. Brooke H. Gurland, Massarat Zutshi
      Pages 329-335
    3. Cornelius G. M. I. Baeten, Stephanie O. Breukink
      Pages 337-340
    4. Valérie Bridoux, Francis Michot, Anne-Marie Leroi
      Pages 341-347
    5. David A. Etzioni, Michael J. Stamos
      Pages 349-354
    6. Fernando de la Portilla
      Pages 355-365
    7. Klaus E. Matzel, Yasuko Maeda
      Pages 373-378
  7. Techniques in Anal and Perineal Reconstructive Surgery

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 379-380
    2. David D. E. Zimmerman, Litza Mitalas, W. Rudolph Schouten
      Pages 381-397
    3. F. Sergio P. Regadas, Rosilma Gorete Lima Barreto, Sthela Maria Murad-Regadas
      Pages 399-404
    4. Oded Zmora, Nir Wasserberg
      Pages 405-417
    5. Mandeep S. Saund, Ronald Bleday
      Pages 419-429
    6. Jonathan N. Lund
      Pages 431-435
    7. Jennifer Blumetti, Herand Abcarian
      Pages 437-445
    8. William Samson, Mitchell Bernstein, Jamie Schwartz
      Pages 447-453
  8. Revisional Stoma Surgery

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 455-455

About this book


Reconstructive Surgery of the Rectum, Anus and Perineum provides the reader with a didactic discussion of complex problems which require re-operative surgery; including details of preoperative investigation, postoperative follow-up and a detailed operative approach.

This comprehensive and detailed text uses a formulated algorithm approach to these complicated cases using operative photographs and composite explanatory line drawings which complement ‘how-to’ guides in describing the operative technical tips and pitfalls from experienced commentators.

Reconstructive Surgery of the Rectum, Anus and Perineum, is written by leading world experts in the field of colorectal surgery and is a valuable and timely resource for colorectal surgeons and colorectal trainees alike. In addition, general surgeons will be interested in the specialist nature of dealing with difficult colorectal complications dealt with in this unique textbook.


Colonic Rectal anal surgery colorectal surgery pelvic surgery perineal surgery reconstructive reoperative

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  • Andrew P. Zbar
    • 1
  • Robert D. Madoff
    • 2
  • Steven Wexner
    • 3
  1. 1.Tamworth Rural Referral HospitalTamworthAustralia
  2. 2.MinneapolisUSA
  3. 3., Dept. Colorectal SurgeryCleveland Clinic, FloridaWestonUSA

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