Complications in Knee and Shoulder Surgery

Management and Treatment Options for the Sports Medicine Orthopedist

  • Robert J. Meislin
  • Jeffrey Halbrecht

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Trong B. Nguyen, Peter R. Kurzweil
    Pages 1-18
  3. Benjamin Shaffer, J. R. Rudzki
    Pages 19-36
  4. Bert R. Mandelbaum, Joshua A. Johnston, Jason M. Scoop
    Pages 37-51
  5. Don Johnson, Olufemi Ayeni
    Pages 53-74
  6. Shane T. Seroyer, Christopher D. Harner
    Pages 75-90
  7. David A. Vasconcellos, J. Robert Giffin, Annunziato Amendola
    Pages 115-132
  8. Michael V. Elman, Scott Zimmer, Anthony A. Schepsis
    Pages 133-163
  9. Michael S. Bahk, Joseph P. Burns, Stephen J. Snyder
    Pages 207-223
  10. Matthew T. Provencher, Lance LeClere, Anthony A. Romeo, Augustus A. Mazzocca
    Pages 245-264
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 273-280

About this book


Any surgical intervention has potential risks and complications. Some complications are avoidable and some are not. Arthrofibrosis or stiffness may take place in the best of hands, and infection may surface postoperatively even in the most sterile operating room. How one deals with complications truly tests the skill of the surgeon. Keeping calm and focussed on the issues in the midst of an intraoperative complication will be facilitated by having an algorithmic approach.

Complications in Knee and Shoulder Surgery is designed as a reference tool and a roadmap for the sports medicine orthopedist to minimize complications in knee and shoulder surgery. By understanding the functional anatomy at risk, proper surgical set up, proper equipment, and proper patient selection, a preventative approach to complications can be instituted.

The authors of these chapters are leaders in orthopedic sports medicine and reveal their techniques for dealing with intraoperative complications, increasing the surgeon’s awareness of potential complications and providing advice to avoid and treat these problems effectively and rapidly should they arise.


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