Robotics in Genitourinary Surgery

  • Ashok Kumar Hemal
  • Mani Menon

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. History, Basics, and Development of Program

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Michael E. Moran
      Pages 3-24
    3. Ty T. Higuchi, Matthew T. Gettman
      Pages 25-36
    4. Chad R. Ritch, Ketan K. Badani
      Pages 37-49
    5. Jens Rassweiler, Ali Serdar Gözen, Thomas Frede, Dogu Teber
      Pages 63-78
    6. Harveer S. Dev, Nimish C. Shah, David E. Neal
      Pages 97-109
    7. Arthur Caire, Michael N. Ferrandino, David M. Albala
      Pages 111-117
    8. John B. Malcolm, Michael D. Fabrizio, Paul F. Schellhammer
      Pages 119-129
    9. Phillip Mucksavage, Daniel D. Eun
      Pages 131-137
  3. Training and Research

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 139-139
    2. David S. Wang, Howard N. Winfield
      Pages 141-146
    3. Stacey Dusik-Fenton, James O. Peabody
      Pages 157-162
    4. David A. Gilley, Chandru P. Sundaram
      Pages 163-168
    5. Ralph W. deVere White, Kirk A. Keegan, Karim Chamie
      Pages 183-188
    6. Charles-Henry Rochat, Usha Seshadri-Kreaden
      Pages 189-195
    7. Barry B. McGuire, John M. Fitzpatrick
      Pages 197-203
  4. The Prostate

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 217-217
    2. Cole Davis, Matthew R. Cooperberg, Peter R. Carroll
      Pages 255-260
    3. Gerald Y. Tan, Sonal Grover, Atsushi Takenaka, Prasanna Sooriakumaran, Ashutosh K. Tewari
      Pages 273-289
    4. Kenneth J. Palmer, Rafael E. Coelho, Sanket Chauhan, Vipul R. Patel
      Pages 319-325
    5. Mark H. Katz, Kevin C. Zorn, Arieh L. Shalhav
      Pages 327-340
    6. Pierre Mendoza, Saurabh Sharma, David I. Lee
      Pages 341-360
    7. Andrea Gallina, Alberto Briganti, Nazareno Suardi, Andrea Salonia, Umberto Capitanio, Francesco Montorsi
      Pages 361-370
    8. Claude Abbou, Leticia Ruiz
      Pages 371-375
    9. Sameer Siddiqui, Akshay Bhandari, Mani Menon
      Pages 377-390
  5. Adrenal, Kidney, and Ureter

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 391-391
    2. Vinod Narra, Craig G. Rogers, Mani Menon
      Pages 393-400
    3. Ben R. McHone, Ronald S. Boris, Peter A. Pinto
      Pages 401-410
    4. Brian M. Benway, Robert S. Figenshau, Sam B. Bhayani
      Pages 411-422
    5. Manish N. Patel, Mani Menon, Craig G. Rogers
      Pages 423-433
    6. Kari J. Thompson, Santiago Horgan
      Pages 439-443
    7. Iqbal Singh, Ashok Kumar Hemal
      Pages 445-465
    8. Rajeev Kumar, Ashok K. Hemal
      Pages 467-475
    9. Patrick Mufarrij, Elias Hyams, Michael Stifelman
      Pages 477-481
  6. Bladder

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 501-501
    2. Matthew H. Hayn, Piyush K. Agarwal, Khurshid A. Guru
      Pages 503-510

About this book


Robotics in Genitourinary Surgery fills the void of information on robotic urological surgery; a topic that is currently highly in demand and continuously increasing. This book provides detailed information on the utility of robotic urological surgery and how to use it most effectively.


Robotics in Genitourinary Surgery comprehensively covers specialist areas such as female urology, pelvic floor reconstructions and holds a strong focus on pediatric urology. It also presents the main operative techniques through the use of high quality images and drawings.


Compiled by expert authors from the USA, Europe and Asia, this book provides an international perspective on the basic knowledge and clinical management required for the optimal care of patients.


Robotic Surgery Urologic Surgery Urology

Editors and affiliations

  • Ashok Kumar Hemal
    • 1
  • Mani Menon
    • 2
  1. 1.Medical Sciences, Dept. UrologyAll India Institute ofNew DehliIndia
  2. 2.Henry Ford Health SystemDetroitUSA

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