Surgical Technique of the Abdominal Organ Procurement

Step by Step

  • Andrzej Baranski

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About this book



Encompassing Dr Baranski’s 20 years of experience in the filed of abdominal organ donation, this book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the field, with many colour photographs and clear drawings to aid the reader. The text concisely demonstrates the many difficult steps in the organ procurement process, also highlighting the major potential pitfalls and common surgical mistakes that have arisen during the author’s extensive career.

The success of organ transplantation starts with the optimal medical and surgical treatment of the donor as without good organ harvesting, there is a high mortality incidence in the patients on the waiting list and thus less space for new patients. Organ procurement is therefore now recognized as an essential part of organ transplantation. In most donors, the surgical procedure can be challenging for an inexperienced surgeon and so often a detailed walkthrough is required to prepare for the operation. This part of transplant surgery is critically important as inadequate preservation or surgical injury at this stage can lead to complete organ damage or to serious complications in the recipient. At present, most multi-organ donor (MOD) procurement procedures are performed by a local surgical team, which is not necessarily the same team as the one responsible for the transplantation. The accepting center therefore has to rely on the expertise and skills of the procurement team, meaning that adequate training and a standardization of the surgical techniques is of vital importance.

This title is a useful pocket guide for practicing surgeons or senior residents participating in organ procurement teams, wishing to learn abdominal organ procurement. The high illustrative content offers great worth as a step-by-step walkthrough, with clear diagrams further supplementing the text to provide the most detailed handbook available on abdominal transplantation.


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