• Joung H. Lee

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. General Information

    1. David O. Okonkwo, Edward R. Laws Jr.
      Pages 3-10
    2. Bong Jin Park, Han Kyu Kim, Burak Sade, Joung H. Lee
      Pages 11-14
    3. M. Beatriz S. Lopes
      Pages 25-29
    4. Richard A. Prayson
      Pages 31-43
  3. Diagnostic Considerations

    1. Manzoor Ahmed, Joung H. Lee, Thomas J. Masaryk
      Pages 67-87
    2. David J. Fiorella, Vivek R. Deshmukh, Cameron G. McDougall, Robert F. Spetzler, Felipe C. Albuquerque
      Pages 89-99
  4. Basic Science

    1. Michael J. Link, Arie Perry
      Pages 137-145
    2. Lilyana Angelov, Mladen Golubic
      Pages 147-155
    3. Joung H. Lee, Burak Sade
      Pages 157-162
    4. Yigal Shoshan, Sergey Spektor, Guy Rosenthal, Shifra Fraifeld, Felix Umansky
      Pages 163-176
    5. Nader Pouratian, Charles A. Sansur, John A. Jane Jr., Gregory A. Helm
      Pages 185-199
  5. Management and Outcome

    1. Joung H. Lee, Burak Sade
      Pages 203-207
    2. Burak Sade, Joung H. Lee
      Pages 213-216
    3. Paolo Cappabianca, Luigi M. Cavallo, Felice Esposito, Enrico de Divitiis
      Pages 223-230
    4. Tina Thomas, Gene H. Barnett
      Pages 231-242
    5. Jorge A. González-Martínez, Imad M. Najm
      Pages 243-246
    6. Gregory Kosmorsky
      Pages 247-250
  6. Adjunct Treatment Modalities

    1. Simon S. Lo, Eric L. Chang, John H. Suh
      Pages 253-258
    2. Simon S. Lo, Brent A. Tinnel, John H. Suh
      Pages 259-265
    3. Jason Sheehan, Nader Pouratian, Charles A. Sansur, Ladislau Steiner
      Pages 267-276
    4. William A. Friedman
      Pages 277-281
    5. P. Pradeep Kumar, Burak Sade
      Pages 283-292
    6. Glen H. J. Stevens, David M. Peereboom
      Pages 293-298
  7. Meningiomas by Location: Special Considerations, Surgical Technique, Outcome, Complication Avoidance

    1. Noojan J. Kazemi, Andrew H. Kaye
      Pages 301-307
    2. Jorge E. Alvernia, Marc P. Sindou
      Pages 309-317
    3. Chae-Yong Kim, Hee Won Jung
      Pages 319-325
    4. Douglas Fox, Vini G. Khurana, Robert F. Spetzler
      Pages 327-332
    5. Chang Jin Kim, Seok Ho Hong
      Pages 333-345
    6. Joung H. Lee, Burak Sade
      Pages 347-354
    7. Werner Hassler, Uta Schick
      Pages 355-362
    8. Benoit J. M. Pirotte, Jacques Brotchi
      Pages 371-378
    9. Eric H. Sincoff, Johnny B. Delashaw Jr.
      Pages 379-388
    10. Burak Sade, Joung H. Lee
      Pages 389-392
    11. Mario Sanna, Maurizio Falcioni, Abdelkader Taibah, Sean Flanagan
      Pages 393-398
    12. Takeo Goto, Kenji Ohata
      Pages 399-402
    13. Marcus L. Ware, Svetlana Pravdenkova, Kadir Erkmen, Ossama Al-Mefty
      Pages 403-414
    14. Takeshi Kawase, Kazunari Yoshida, Koichi Uchida
      Pages 415-423
    15. Samuel L. Barnett, Anthony L. D'Ambrosio, Siviero Agazzi, Harry R. van Loveren
      Pages 425-432
    16. H. Maximilian Mehdorn, Ralf M. Buhl
      Pages 433-441
    17. Luis A. B. Borba, Benedicto O. Colli
      Pages 449-456

About this book


Meningiomas contains the most up-to-date information currently available on this increasingly common type of brain tumour, with contributions from internationally recognized experts in their respective fields working towards the uniform vision of one world-renowned editor.

As the reported incidences of meningiomas found among otherwise healthy patients has increased over the last few years, so too has our understanding of them, aided in particular by advances in imaging studies such as computer tomography and magnetic resonance testing. As a result, meningiomas as a disease entity, is continuing to rise in clinical importance throughout neurology, neurosurgery and primary care, particularly in geriatrics. Moreover, its socio-economic impact on society will further increase over the next few decades, as the aging population also increases, with people living longer and enjoying healthier lives than ever before.

Publication of a fully comprehensive and updated textbook on this important subject of meningiomas is therefore critically needed now to incorporate all of the aforementioned advancements. Meningiomas is an authoritative title, summarising the entirety of the topic, aimed at neurosurgeons, neurologists and general medical libraries throughout the world.


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