Tumor Neurosurgery

Principles and Practice

  • Anne J. Moore
  • David W. Newell

Part of the Springer Specialist Surgery Series book series (SPECIALIST)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Investigations

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Allen E. Waziri, Derek A. Taggard, Vincent C. Traynelis
      Pages 3-21
    3. David G. Hughes, Roger A. Chisholm
      Pages 23-38
    4. Cheng-Mei Shaw, Ellsworth C. Alvord Jr.
      Pages 39-68
  3. Perioperative Care

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 69-69
    2. Maryke A. Kraayenbrink, Gregory R. McAnulty
      Pages 71-84
    3. Tessa L. Whitton, Arthur M. Lam
      Pages 85-104
  4. Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 105-105
    2. Jonathan Punt
      Pages 107-121
    3. Kristian Aquilina, Philip Edwards, Anthony Strong
      Pages 123-138
    4. Andras A. Kemeny, Matthias W. R. Radatz, Jeremy G. Rowe
      Pages 139-152
  5. Tumors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 153-153
    2. Henry Marsh
      Pages 155-166
    3. Robert C. Rostomily, Alexander M. Spence, Daniel L. Silbergeld
      Pages 167-186
    4. Richard J. Stacey, Michael P. Powell
      Pages 187-204
    5. James J. Evans, Joung H. Lee, John Suh, Mladen Golubic
      Pages 205-233
    6. Sandeep Kunwar, G. Evren Keles, Mitchell S. Berger
      Pages 235-246
    7. Peter C. Whitfield, David G. Hardy
      Pages 247-262
    8. Richard S. C. Kerr, Christopher A. Milford
      Pages 263-280
    9. Sepideh Amin-Hanjani, Griffith R. Harsh IV
      Pages 281-297
    10. Kevin L. Stevenson, J. Russell Geyer, Richard G. Ellenbogen
      Pages 299-312
    11. Karl F. Kothbauer, George I. Jallo, Fred J. Epstein
      Pages 313-327
    12. David A. Lundin, Charlie Kuntz, Christopher I. Shaffrey
      Pages 329-340
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 341-350

About this book


Tumor Neurosurgery is a compilation by a faculty of internationally recognized expert authors to provide information on the basic knowledge and clinical management required for optimal care of neurosurgical patients.

The text is an up-to-date synopsis of the field of tumor neurosurgery from an international perspective which covers the most common clinical conditions encountered by neurosurgeons in this area. The chapters cover investigative studies, perioperative care, the role of newer techniques, and management of tumors.

Tumor Neurosurgery is a useful tool for neurosurgeons to consult for both basic and more sophisticated information and procedures in tumor neurosurgery.


Brain Tumors endoscopy glioma low grade glioma neuropathology neurosurgery radiosurgery surgery

Editors and affiliations

  • Anne J. Moore
    • 1
  • David W. Newell
    • 2
  1. 1.South West Neurosurgery CentreDerriford HospitalPlymouthUK
  2. 2.The Seattle Neuroscience InstituteSeattleUSA

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