Applications of Biotechnology in Neurology

  • Kewal K.┬áJain

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About this book


Culling together excerpts from a wide range of writings by Dr. Kewal K. Jain on biotechnology topics as they relate to disorders of the nervous system, Applications of Biotechnology in Neurology covers a variety of applications for those working in life sciences and the pharmaceutical sciences, particularly those developing diagnostics and therapeutics for the nervous system.  This detailed volume delves into areas such as neurobiotechnology, like neurogenomics and neuroproteomics, molecular diagnostics, various methods of improving systemic administration of drugs for targeted delivery to the nervous system, including the use of nanobiotechnology, biotechnology-based strategies and products for neuroprotection, as well as chapters on neurosurgery and personalized neurology.


Thorough, cutting-edge, and thoughtfully organized, Applications of Biotechnology in Neurology serves as an ideal guide, supplemented by 75 tables and 16 figures as well as numerous references from recent literature on this topic, which are appended to each chapter.


Molecular diagnostics Nanobiotechnology Nervous system disorders Neurobiotechnology Neuropharmacology Personalized neurology Therapeutic drug delivery

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