Platinum and Other Heavy Metal Compounds in Cancer Chemotherapy

Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications

  • Andrea Bonetti
  • Roberto Leone
  • Franco M. Muggia
  • Stephen B. Howell

Part of the Cancer Drug Discovery and Development book series (CDD&D)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Novel Platinum Analogues, Original Formulations and Other Heavy Metals

    1. Fazlul Huq, Jun Qing Yu, Philip Beale
      Pages 11-17
    2. Elena Monti, Marzia B. Gariboldi, Raffaella Ravizza, Roberta Molteni, Elisabetta Gabano, Katia Sparnacci et al.
      Pages 19-25
    3. Irene H.L. Hamelers, Anton I.P.M. de Kroon
      Pages 27-32
    4. Maria Serova, Aïda Ghoul, Keyvan Rezaï, François Lokiec, Esteban Cvitkovic, David Nowotnik et al.
      Pages 41-47
    5. Roberta Bertani, Silvia Mazzega Sbovata, Valentina Gandin, Rino A. Michelin, Cristina Marzano
      Pages 49-56
    6. Sabine H. van Rijt, Anna F. A. Peacock, Peter J. Sadler
      Pages 73-79
  3. Cellular Transport and Intracellular Trafficking of Platinum Compounds

    1. Michael M. Gottesman, Matthew D. Hall, Xing-Jie Liang, Ding-Wu Shen
      Pages 83-88
    2. Stephen B. Howell, Roohangiz Safaei
      Pages 89-94
    3. Angelo De Milito, Francesca Luciani, Stefano Fais
      Pages 109-114
    4. Michele Benedetti, Cosimo Ducani, Danilo Migoni, Daniela Antonucci, Vita M. Vecchio, Alessandro Romano et al.
      Pages 125-132
  4. DNA Damage and Signal Transduction: Recognition/Repair And Cell-Response

    1. Jacques Robert, Armelle Laurand, Delphine Meynard, Valérie Le Morvan
      Pages 149-155
    2. Stephen G. Chaney, Srinivas Ramachandran, Shantanu Sharma, Nikolay V. Dokholyan, Brenda Temple, Debadeep Bhattacharyya et al.
      Pages 157-169
    3. John J. Turchi, Sarah C. Shuck, Emily A. Short, Brooke J. Andrews
      Pages 177-187
    4. Jing Jie Yu, Xiaobing Liang, Qing-Wu Yan, Eddie Reed, Antonio Tito Fojo, Ying Guo et al.
      Pages 189-194
    5. Paola Perego, Valentina Benedetti, Cinzia Lanzi, Franco Zunino
      Pages 195-200
    6. Saverio Tardito, Claudio Isella, Enzo Medico, Luciano Marchiò, Maurizio Lanfranchi, Ovidio Bussolati et al.
      Pages 201-207
  5. Clinical Applications

    1. Lea Baer, Franco M. Muggia, Silvia C. Formenti
      Pages 211-223
    2. Kevin Tay, Martin Gutierrez, Giuseppe Giaccone
      Pages 231-242
    3. Alberto Ravaioli, Manuela Fantini, Fabrizio Drudi, Maximilian Papi, Enzo Pasquini, Maurizio Marangolo et al.
      Pages 243-249
    4. Florian Lordick, Dirk Jäger
      Pages 251-270
    5. Andrea Bonetti, Furini Lara
      Pages 271-284
    6. Enrico Vasile, Gianluca Masi, Fotios Loupakis, Samanta Cupini, Giacomo Giulio Baldi, Lorenzo Fornaro et al.
      Pages 285-293
    7. Francesco Dionisi, Daniela Musio, Gian Paolo Spinelli, Giuseppe Parisi, Nicola Raffetto, Enzo Banelli et al.
      Pages 295-306
    8. Gwenaël Ferron, Amélie Gesson-Paute, Laurence Gladieff, Fabienne Thomas, Etienne Chatelut, Denis Querleu
      Pages 343-351
    9. Alessandra Gilardini, Guido Cavaletti
      Pages 359-364
    10. Antonio Ruggiero, Riccardo Riccardi
      Pages 365-371
    11. Aurélie Pétain, Antonin Schmitt, Fabienne Thomas, Christine Chevreau, Etienne Chatelut
      Pages 373-380
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 379-383

About this book


The platinum-containing chemotherapeutic agents remain key components of many of the most effective regimens for the treatment of cancer. New information about the chemistry, pharmacology and molecular mechanisms by which these drugs work is leading to both the development of new drugs and more effective use of existing members of this class. Better definition of the genetic basis of malignancies is offering intriguing new insights in to how to use these drugs in a more individualized manner. "Platinum and Other Heavy Metal Compounds in Cancer Chemotherapy: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications", edited by Andrea Bonetti, Steve B. Howell, Roberto Leone, and Franco Muggia, provides succinct summaries of the major new developments in field of platinum drug therapy drawn from presentations made at the 10th International Symposium on Platinum Coordination Compounds in Cancer Chemotherapy that took place in Verona, Italy, in December 2007. This meeting, held once every 4 years, brought together the world’s leading investigators working on platinum drugs and their contributions provide a detailed survey of the major research directions in this rapidly evolving field.


Antiproliferative Cancer Chemotherapy Carcinom Cellular Transport DACH-platinum DNA repair Heavy Metal Compounds Pharmacophore Platinum neurotoxicity positron emission tomography

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  • Andrea Bonetti
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  • Roberto Leone
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  • Franco M. Muggia
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  • Stephen B. Howell
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