Molecular Biomethods Handbook

  • John M. Walker
  • Ralph Rapley

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Nucleic Acid Methods

    1. Gayle Corkill, Ralph Rapley
      Pages 3-15
    2. Gareth J. S. Jenkins
      Pages 17-27
    3. Marilena Aquino de Muro
      Pages 41-53
    4. Bronwen M. Harvey, Pirkko Soundy
      Pages 55-64
    5. Beatriz Sanchez-Vega
      Pages 65-87
    6. Jeroen H. Roelfsema, Dorien J. M. Peters
      Pages 107-115
    7. Kim Hung Leung, Shea Ping Yip
      Pages 117-131
    8. Lúcia Maria da Cunha Galvão, Eliane Lages-Silva
      Pages 133-147
    9. David Sugden, Patricia de Winter
      Pages 149-168
    10. Anu Suomalainen, Ann-Christine Syvänen
      Pages 169-178
    11. Carolina Sismani, Ludmila Kousoulidou, Philippos C. Patsalis
      Pages 179-193
    12. Arnis Druka, Robbie Waugh, Pete Hedley
      Pages 195-211
    13. Peng-Hui Wang, Yann-Jang Chen, Chi-Hung Lin
      Pages 213-226
    14. Craig Winstanley
      Pages 227-238
    15. Jane Bayani, Jeremy A. Squire
      Pages 239-255
    16. Phillip G. Febbo
      Pages 269-289
    17. Simon G. Gregory
      Pages 291-310
    18. Nameeta Shah
      Pages 311-321
    19. Bernd H. A. Rehm, Frank Reinecke
      Pages 323-347
  3. Protein and Cell Methods

    1. David Sheehan, Siobhan O'Sullivan
      Pages 351-363
    2. Patricia Gravel
      Pages 365-375
    3. Mark Strege
      Pages 377-395
    4. Bronwen M. Harvey
      Pages 396-410
    5. Kenneth G. Standing
      Pages 411-425
    6. Christoph Kannicht, Birte Fuchs
      Pages 427-449
    7. Charlotte H. Clarke, Eric T. Fung
      Pages 451-461
    8. Hae Ryoun Park, Lisa Montoya Cockrell, Yuhong Du, Andrea Kasinski, Jonathan Havel, Jing Zhao et al.
      Pages 463-494
    9. Terry D. Butters, David C. A. Neville
      Pages 495-513
    10. Mare Cudic, Gregg B. Fields
      Pages 515-546
    11. Zhong J. Zhang, Maher Albitar
      Pages 547-561
    12. Rob Aitken
      Pages 563-585
    13. Thomas Willemsen, Urs B. Hagemann, Eva M. Jouaux, Sabine C. Stebel, Jody M. Mason, Kristian M. Müller et al.
      Pages 587-629
    14. Sabine C. Stebel, Annette Gaida, Katja M. Arndt, Kristian M. Müller
      Pages 631-656
    15. John Crowther
      Pages 657-682
    16. Glenn E. Morris
      Pages 683-696
    17. Charles Z. Hotz
      Pages 697-710
    18. David Sheehan
      Pages 711-718
    19. Paul Cutler
      Pages 719-729
    20. Paul A. O'Farrell
      Pages 731-739
    21. Adam Charlton, Michael Zachariou
      Pages 741-765
    22. Tzong-Hsien Lee, Marie-Isabel Aguilar
      Pages 767-792
    23. Ian Davidson, Paula O'Connor
      Pages 793-808
    24. K. Scott Phillips, Quan Jason Cheng
      Pages 809-820
    25. Bernhard Rupp, Katherine A. Kantardjieff
      Pages 821-849
    26. Anna C. Kinsella, Shelley D. Minteer
      Pages 851-859
    27. Simon P. Langdon
      Pages 861-873

About this book


Recent advances in the biosciences have led to a range of powerful new technologies, particularly nucleic acid, protein and cell-based methodologies. The most recent insights have come to affect how scientists investigate and define cellular processes at the molecular level. Molecular Biomethods Handbook, 2nd Edition expands upon the techniques included in the first edition, providing theory, outlines of practical procedures, and applications for a range of techniques. Part A of the book describes nucleic acid methods, such as gene expression profiling, microarray analysis and quantitative PCR. In Part B, protein and cell-based methods are outlined, in subjects ranging from protein engineering to high throughput screening. Written by a well-established panel of research scientists, Molecular Biomethods Handbook, 2nd Edition provides an up-to-date collection of methods used regularly in the authors’ own research programs. This book will prove to be an invaluable reference for those engaged in or entering the field of molecular biology, and will provide the necessary background for those interested in setting up and using the latest molecular techniques.


DNA Nucleotide PCR bioinformatics biomethods cryopreservation electron microscopy gene expression genes hybridization molecular biology nucleic acid biomethods protein and cell biomethods proteins tissue

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