Molecular Mechanisms of Neurotransmitter Release

  • Zhao-Wen Wang

Part of the Contemporary Neuroscience book series (CNEURO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Liming He, Benjamin D. McNeil, Ling-Gang Wu
    Pages 17-34
  3. Mark T. Palfreyman, Erik M. Jorgensen
    Pages 35-59
  4. Zhao-Wen Wang, Bojun Chen, Qian Ge
    Pages 61-84
  5. Allen W. Chan, Elise F. Stanley
    Pages 85-106
  6. Carin Loewen, Noreen Reist
    Pages 107-134
  7. Toshihisa Ohtsuka, Yoshimi Takai
    Pages 157-170
  8. Laurence O. Trussell, Michael T. Roberts
    Pages 171-185
  9. Liesbet Smitz, Patrik Verstreken
    Pages 207-238
  10. Shona L. Osborne, Frederic A. Meunier
    Pages 239-261
  11. Richard J. Reimer, Kimberly A. Zaia, Hiroaki Tani
    Pages 263-295
  12. Matthew Frerking, Joyce Wondolowski
    Pages 297-314
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 341-347

About this book


Within the complex neuronal network of the nervous system, neuron-to-neuron communication occurs mainly through chemical synapses, where the presynaptic nerve terminal releases neurotransmitters that control the function of postsynaptic neurons by acting on postsynaptic receptors.  Recent decades have brought groundbreaking new developments and a wealth of knowledge to this field.  In Molecular Mechanisms of Neurotransmitter Release, leading experts provide concise, up-to-date information on all major molecular mechanisms involved, with complete background information and figures and diagrams to further elucidate key concepts or experiments.

Comprehensive and cutting-edge, Molecular Mechanisms of Neurotransmitter Release is sure to provide a learning tool for neuroscience students, a solid reference for neuroscientists, and a source of knowledge for all those who have a general interest in the ever-evolving field of neuroscience.


Chemical synapses Endocytosis Exocytosis Nervous System Neuroscience Neurotransmission Presynaptic receptors molecular mechanisms neurons

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