On Bypass

Advanced Perfusion Techniques

  • Linda B. Mongero
  • James R. Beck

Part of the Current Cardiac Surgery book series (CCS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Kevin A. Charette, Ryan R. Davies, Jonathan M. Chen, Jan M. Quaegebeur, Ralph S. Mosca
    Pages 29-58
  3. Robert J. Frumento, Elliott Bennett-Guerrero
    Pages 71-84
  4. Terence Gourlay, Tipo Qureshi
    Pages 85-124
  5. Roman M. Sniecinski, Jerrold H. Levy
    Pages 125-140
  6. Sandhya K. Balaram, John Markham, Joseph J. DeRose Jr.
    Pages 141-170
  7. James R. Beck, David Y. Park, Linda B. Mongero
    Pages 171-191
  8. Bruce Searles, Edward Darling
    Pages 193-210
  9. Jack S. Shanewise
    Pages 211-231
  10. Sanjeev Aggarwal, Allan Stewart
    Pages 233-249
  11. Brittany A. Zwischenberger, Lindsey A. Clemson, James E. Lynch, Joseph B. Zwischenberger
    Pages 251-277
  12. Linda B. Mongero, James R. Beck
    Pages 279-534
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 535-576

About this book


With the introduction of cardiac surgery more than five decades ago and the use of the heart-lung machine for open heart surgical procedures granting the surgeon unlimited time in which to operate inside the heart, a complex task has been given to the Perfusionist. With a pairing of a perfusionist and a surgeon for each chapter, On Bypass: Advanced Perfusion Techniques is an essential collection of techniques and protocols to aid in the difficult and immediate decision making in the operating room. Among the topics covered in this comprehensive text are pediatric perfusion techniques for complex congenital, separation from cardiopumonary bypass, blood flow during cardiopumonary bypass, and minimally invasive perfusion techniques. Also covered is ultrafiltration in cardiac surgery, echocardiography and cardiopulmonary bypass, and advances in long-term pulmonary support. With nearly 650,000 procedures requiring cardiopulmonary bypass and a perfusionist, On Bypass: Advanced Perfusion Techniques answers the need for a textbook that investigates advanced perfusion techniques that are currently being practiced.


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  • Linda B. Mongero
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  • James R. Beck
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  1. 1.Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery Clinical PerfusionNew York Presbyterian/Columbia College of Physicians and SurgeonsNew York

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