Twenty-Seventh Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals

  • James D. McMillan
  • William S. Adney
  • Jonathan R. Mielenz
  • K. Thomas Klasson

Part of the ABAB Symposium book series (ABAB)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Feedstock Supply and Logistics

    1. Peter C. Flynn
      Pages 1-2
    2. Zia Haq, James L. Easterly
      Pages 3-21
    3. Warren E. Mabee, Evan D. G. Fraser, Paul N. McFarlane, John N. Saddler
      Pages 22-40
    4. Warren E. Mabee, David J. Gregg, Claudio Arato, Alex Berlin, Renata Bura, Neil Gilkes et al.
      Pages 55-70
    5. Hamed Mahmudi, Peter C. Flynn
      Pages 88-103
    6. Danny E. Akin, W. Herbert Morrison III, Luanne L. Rigsby, Franklin E. Barton II, David S. Himmelsbach, Kevin B. Hicks
      Pages 104-116
    7. Luiz Carlos Martins Das Neves, Tábata Taemi Miazaki Ohara Miyamura, Dante Augusto Moraes, Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna, Attilio Converti
      Pages 130-152
    8. Klaus Raffelt, Edmund Henrich, Andrea Koegel, Ralph Stahl, Joachim Steinhardt, Friedhelm Weirich
      Pages 153-164
    9. Gwi-Taek Jeong, Young-Taig Oh, Don-Hee Park
      Pages 165-178
  3. Enzyme Catalysis and Engineering

    1. Joel R. Cherry, Kevin Gray
      Pages 179-179
    2. Bradley A. Saville, Chunbei Huang, Vince Yacyshyn, Andrew Desbarats
      Pages 180-194
    3. Christina Bohlin, Leif J. Jönsson, Robyn Roth, Willem H. van Zyl
      Pages 195-214
    4. Verônica Ferreira, Patricia C. Nolasco, Aline M. Castro, Juliana N. C. Silva, Alexandre S. Santos, Mônica C. T. Damaso et al.
      Pages 226-233
    5. Vorakan Burapatana, Aleš Prokop, Robert D. Tanner
      Pages 247-255
    6. Mariana Peñuela Vásquez, Maurício Bezerra De Souza Jr., Nei Pereira Jr.
      Pages 256-264
    7. Gwi-Taek Jeong, Hye-Jin Lee, Hae-Sung Kim, Don-Hee Park
      Pages 265-277
    8. MA Prado García-Aparicio, Ignacio Ballesteros, Alberto González, José Miguel Oliva, Mercedes Ballesteros, MA José Negro
      Pages 278-288
    9. Valquiria B. Damiano, Richard Ward, Eleni Gomes, Heloiza Ferreira Alves-Prado, Roberto Da Silva
      Pages 289-302
    10. Gabriela M. M. Calabria, Adilson R. Gonçalves
      Pages 320-325
    11. Luís R. M. Oliveira, Regina Y. Moriya, Adilson R. Gonçalves
      Pages 326-333
    12. Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna, Angela Faustino Jozala, Thomas Rodolfo Gentille, Adalberto Pessoa Jr., Olivia Cholewa
      Pages 334-346
  4. Today’s Biorefineries

    1. Paris Tsobanakis
      Pages 347-348
    2. Adam K. Ekenseair, Lijan Duan, Danielle Julie Carrier, David I. Bransby, Edgar C. Clausen
      Pages 382-391
    3. A. Etoc, F. Delvigne, J. P. Lecomte, P. Thonart
      Pages 392-404
    4. Nivea de Lima da Silva, Maria Regina Wolf Maciel, César Benedito Batistella, Rubens Maciel Filho
      Pages 405-414
  5. Plant Biotechnology and Feedstock Genomics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 415-415
    2. Brian H. Davison, Sadie R. Drescher, Gerald A. Tuskan, Mark F. Davis, Nhuan P. Nghiem
      Pages 427-435
  6. Biomass Pretreatment and Hydrolysis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 447-447
    2. Mette Hedegaard Thomsen, Anders Thygesen, Henning Jørgensen, Jan Larsen, Børge Holm Christensen, Anne Belinda Thomsen
      Pages 448-460
    3. Luís C. Duarte, Florbela Carvalheiro, Joana Tadeu, Francisco M. Gírio
      Pages 461-475
    4. Sung Bae Kim, Hyun Joo Kim, Chang Joon Kim
      Pages 486-495
    5. Ignacio Ballesteros, Ma José Negro, José Miguel Oliva, Araceli Cabañas, Paloma Manzanares, Mercedes Ballesteros
      Pages 496-508
    6. Sridhar Viamajala, Michael J. Selig, Todd B. Vinzant, Melvin P. Tucker, Michael E. Himmel, James D. McMillan et al.
      Pages 509-527
    7. Alex Berlin, Neil Gilkes, Douglas Kilburn, Vera Maximenko, Renata Bura, Alexander Markov et al.
      Pages 528-545
    8. Fei Yu, Roger Ruan, Xiangyang Lin, Yuhuan Liu, Rong Fu, Yuhong Li et al.
      Pages 563-573
    9. Fei Yu, Yuhuan Liu, Xuejun Pan, Xiangyang Lin, Chengmei Liu, Paul Chen et al.
      Pages 574-585
    10. Yongming Zhu, Tae Hyun Kim, Y. Y. Lee, Rongfu Chen, Richard T. Elander
      Pages 586-598

About this book


In Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: The Twenty-Seventh Symposium, leading US and international researchers from academia, industry, and government exchange cutting-edge technical information and update current trends in the development and application of biotechnology for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals. This symposium emphasizes advances in biotechnology to produce high-volume, low-price products from renewable resources, while improving the environment. The major areas of interest include advanced feedstock production and processing, enzymatic and microbial biocatalysis, bioprocess research and development, opportunities in biorefineries, and commercialization of biobased products. International and domestic progress on producing liquid biofuels, especially ethanol and biodiesel, is highlighted, and related topics, including bioseparations and optimal integration of biochemical and thermochemical conversion technologies, are featured.
Forward-looking and authoritative, Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: The Twenty-Seventh Symposium provides an illuminating overview of current research and development in the production of commodity fuels and chemicals from renewable biomass resources via biochemical and thermochemical routes.


Biodiesel Bioethanol Biofilter Dieselkraftstoff Ethan Fermentation Glucose biomass biotechnology coal fuel hydrogen microorganism wood

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  • James D. McMillan
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  • William S. Adney
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  • Jonathan R. Mielenz
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  • K. Thomas Klasson
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  1. 1.National Renewable Energy LaboratoryUSA
  2. 2.Oak Ridge National LaboratoryUSA
  3. 3.Southern Regional Research Center, USDA-ARSUSA

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