Cancer Drug Resistance

  • Beverly A. Teicher

Part of the Cancer Drug Discovery and Development book series (CDD&D)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Physiological Resistance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Mark W. Dewhirst, Yiting Cao, Benjamin Moeller, Chuan-Yuan Li
      Pages 3-19
    3. Chang W. Song, Robert Griffin, Heon Joo Park
      Pages 21-42
    4. Sarah Jane Lunt, Richard P. Hill
      Pages 43-66
    5. Janusz W. Rak, Brenda Coomber, Joanne L. Yu
      Pages 67-103
    6. David A. Mankoff, Kenneth A. Krohn
      Pages 105-122
  3. Biological Resistance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 123-123
    2. Ilia Mantle, Gabriela Dontu, Suling Liu, Max S. Wicha
      Pages 125-136
    3. William R. Waud
      Pages 137-150
    4. Anibal A. Arjona, Enrique Alvarez
      Pages 151-159
    5. Beverly A. Teicher
      Pages 161-179
    6. Vladislava O. Melnikova, Menashe Bar-Eli
      Pages 181-200
    7. Patrice J. Morin
      Pages 201-210
  4. Biochemical Resistance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 211-211
    2. Victoria J. Findlay, Danyelle M. Townsend, Kenneth D. Tew
      Pages 213-221
    3. Faiyaz Notta, D. James Koropatnick
      Pages 223-239
    4. Susan E. Bates, John Deeken, Chaohong Fan, Robert W. Robey
      Pages 261-282
    5. Zahid H. Siddik
      Pages 283-307
    6. Lee M. Greenberger, Deepak Sampath
      Pages 329-358
    7. Jens M. Teodoridis, Robert Brown
      Pages 359-375
    8. Lori A. Hazlehurst, William S. Dalton
      Pages 377-389
    9. George W. Sledge Jr., Kathy D. Miller, Bryan Schneider, Christopher J. Sweeney
      Pages 391-410
  5. The Role of Hormones, Growth Factors, and Oncogenes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 411-411
    2. Clodia Osipo, Ruth M. O’Regan
      Pages 413-433
    3. Varsha Gandhi, Beatriz Sanchez-Vega
      Pages 435-458
    4. Ingrid A. Mayer, Carlos L. Arteaga
      Pages 459-467
    5. Jan Pinkas, Beverly A. Teicher
      Pages 469-489
    6. Albert B. DeLeo
      Pages 491-505
    7. Paul Dent, Adly Yacoub, Michael P. Hagan, Steven Grant
      Pages 507-529
    8. M. Jim Yen, Ie-Ming Shih, Victor E. Velculescu, Tian-Li Wang
      Pages 531-540
  6. Clinical Aspects of Resistance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 541-541
    2. Mika A. Sovak, David R. Spriggs
      Pages 543-557
    3. Kristin Kee, Jeffrey E. Green
      Pages 559-576
    4. Yi Ting Koh, M. Luz García-Hernández, W. Martin Kast
      Pages 577-602
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 603-617

About this book


As genomic techniques gradually reveal the ability of malignant cells to respond to chemical and biological insults with remarkable flexibility of phenotype, it becomes clear that much remains to be done to control and eliminate such cells. In Cancer Drug Resistance, leading scientists from the best academic institutions and industrial laboratories summarize and synthesize the latest discoveries concerning the changes that occur in tumor cells as they develop resistance to a wide variety of anticancer therapeutics, as well as suggest new approaches to the biology of drug resistance that may afford new therapeutic opportunities. The authors review physiological resistance based tumor architecture, cellular resistance based on drug transport, epigenetic changes that neutralize or bypass drug cytotoxicity, and genetic changes that alter drug target molecules by decreasing or eliminating drug binding and efficacy. Highlights include new insights into resistance to antiangiogenic therapies, oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in therapeutic resistance, cancer stem cells, and the development of more effective therapies. There are also new findings on tumor immune escape mechanisms, gene amplification in drug resistance, the molecular determinants of multidrug resistance, and resistance to taxanes and Herceptin®.
Authoritative and insightful, Cancer Drug Resistance offers basic and clinical investigators a state-of-the-art synthesis of the many faceted research now available on the biology and genetics of tumor resistance, as well as exciting new approaches to its prevention and eradication.


angiogenesis cancer cytotoxicity drug drug resistance hormones imaging immunotherapy leukemia melanoma oncogenes pharmacology resistance toxicity tumor

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