Molecular and Cellular Pediatric Endocrinology

  • Stuart Handwerger

Part of the Contemporary Endocrinology book series (COE, volume 10)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Gary D. Berkovitz, Tossaporn Seeherunvong
    Pages 1-9
  3. Steven D. Chernausek
    Pages 11-21
  4. Joy D. Cogan, John A. Phillips III
    Pages 23-38
  5. Michael J. Econs, Tim M. Strom
    Pages 39-55
  6. Paul L. Hofman, O. H. Pescovitz
    Pages 85-112
  7. Eric P. Smith
    Pages 191-200
  8. Laura S. Ward, James A. Fagin
    Pages 201-211
  9. Perrin C. White
    Pages 213-230
  10. Philip S. Zeitler, Cheryl A. Pickett
    Pages 231-251
  11. Randall G. Richards, Stuart Handwerger
    Pages 253-270
  12. Regis Coutant, Noel K. MacLaren
    Pages 271-296
  13. John S. Parks, Milton R. Brown
    Pages 297-307
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 309-317

About this book


In Molecular and Cellular Pediatric Endocrinology, Stuart Handwerger, MD and a distinguished panel of clinicians and experts review the most significant recent developments in molecular and cellular biology, powerful advances that have produced new diagnostic methods and improved treatments for many pediatric endocrine diseases. Topics range from the growth hormone/prolactin/placental lactogen gene family and their regulation of growth, to steroid hormones, sexual development, and mineral corticoid action. Additional chapters examine the pathophysiology of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, the molecular genetics of thyroid cancer, the molecular basis of hypophosphatemic rickets, and inherited diabetes insipidus.
Molecular and Cellular Pediatric Endocrinology offers today's clinicians and researchers not only the latest findings on endocrine disorders in their pediatric manifestations, but also highly practical insights into today's cutting-edge diagnostics, emerging treatment strategies, and powerful new therapeutics.


Diabetes Diabetes mellitus Gonadotropin growth factor insulin-like prolactin

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