Neuroscience in Medicine

  • P. Michael Conn

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Rochelle S. Cohen, Donald W. Pfaff
    Pages 1-19
  3. Bruce E. Maley
    Pages 21-35
  4. Stanko S. Stojilkovic, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 37-71
  5. Henrique von Gersdorff, Court Hull
    Pages 73-87
  6. Robert D. Grubbs, David K. Sundberg
    Pages 89-109
  7. Ching Sung Teng, Christina T. Teng, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 111-128
  8. Suresh C. Patel, Simone Wagner, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 129-163
  9. Conrad E. Johanson
    Pages 165-195
  10. Marion Murray, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 197-216
  11. James R. West, John B. Gelderd
    Pages 217-236
  12. Harold H. Traurig
    Pages 237-250
  13. Harold H. Traurig, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 251-263
  14. Harold H. Traurig
    Pages 265-276
  15. Robert F. Spencer, John D. Porter, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 277-291
  16. Marc E. Freeman, Thomas A. Houpt
    Pages 293-345
  17. Michael W. Miller, Brent A. Vogt, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 347-368
  18. J. Michael Wyss, Thomas van Groen, Kevin J. Canning
    Pages 369-387
  19. Marie-Francoise Chesselet, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 389-401
  20. Yoland Smith, Mamadou Sidibe
    Pages 403-417
  21. C. J. Heckman, W. Zev Rymer
    Pages 419-455
  22. Robert D. Grubbs, David K. Sundberg, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 457-489
  23. Mary M. Heinricher, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 491-509
  24. J. Fielding Hejtmancik, Rafael C. Caruso
    Pages 511-539
  25. Tom C. T. Yin
    Pages 541-556
  26. Robert F. Spencer, A. Tucker Gleason
    Pages 557-566
  27. David V. Smith, Steven J. St. John, John D. Boughter Jr.
    Pages 567-578
  28. Michael T. Shipley, Matthew Ennis, Adam C. Puche
    Pages 579-593
  29. Robert W. McCarley
    Pages 595-619
  30. Daniel Tranel, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 621-639
  31. Michael D. Lumpkin
    Pages 641-645
  32. Sonia L. Carlson, Gregory Cooper, Robert L. Rodnitzky
    Pages 647-661
  33. Paul J. Reier, Margaret J. Velardo
    Pages 663-701
  34. Back Matter
    Pages 703-723

About this book


Enormous progress has been made in understanding the brain at the molecular, anatomic, and physiological levels in the years following the "Decade of the Brain," with the results providing insight into the underlying basis of many neurological disease processes. In Neuroscience in Medicine, Second Edition, P. Michael Conn and a distinguished panel of basic and clinical investigators noted for their teaching excellence have thoroughly updated and revised their classic first edition to reflect these remarkable advances. Designed specifically for medical students and allied health professionals, the book alternates scientific and clinical chapters that explain the basic science underlying neurological processes and then relate that science to the understanding of neurological disorders and their treatment. These popular "clinical correlations" cover, in detail, disorders of the spinal cord, neuronal migration, the autonomic nervous system, ocular motility, and the basal ganglia, as well as demyelinating disorders, stroke, dementia and abnormalities of cognition, Parkinson's disease, nerve trauma, peripheral neuropathy, aphasias, and myasthenia gravis. Materials new to this revised edition include full chapters on the thalamus, pain, immune system interactions with the nervous system, and the anatomy of the spinal cord and brain. In addition to concise summaries of the most recent biochemical, physiological, anatomical, and behavioral advances, the book summarizes up-to-date findings on neuronal gene expression and protein synthesis at the molecular level.
Authoritative and comprehensive, Neuroscience in Medicine, Second Edition provides a fully up-to-date and readily accessible guide to brain functions at the cellular and molecular level, as well as clearly demonstrating their emerging diagnostic and therapeutic importance.


Brain function Parkinson anatomy brain cognition cortex dementia muscle myelin nervous system neurobiology neuropathology neuroscience spinal cord trauma

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