The Arterial Circulation

Physical Principles and Clinical Applications

  • John K.-J. Li

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About this book


Many new medical breakthroughs and technological advances in recent years have made it possible to deepen our understanding of the cardiovascular system. In The Arterial Circulation: Physical Principles and Clinical Application, John Li applies these modern developments in biorheological analysis, experimental validation, and clinical assessment to the dynamics of arterial circulation, laying the foundation for effective experimental and clinical applications. Using quantitative methods extensively, Dr. Li illuminates the physiology and rheology of arteries, the fundamental theories and modeling of the arterial system, blood pressure and flow and their transmission in arteries, vascular branching junctions and the vascular bed, and the coupling and interaction of the arterial system and the heart. On the clinical level he examines the alteration of structure and function of arteries in such disease conditions as hypertension, myocardial ischemia, arterial and aortic valve stenoses, and aging. Modern approaches using computer modeling and allometry are included, as well as new methods of hemodynamic measurement and monitoring.
Innovative in its quantitative analyses, computer modeling, and practical clinical applications, The Arterial Circulation: Physical Principles and Clinical Application will immediately become the standard reference in the field for all those investigating the structure and function of arteries, as well as how arterial circulation can be accurately and quantitatively assessed in clinical situations.


blood vessel cardiovascular cardiovascular function hypertension physiology smooth muscle ultrasound viscoelastic properties

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